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Old 02-04-2017, 02:34 AM   #1
Ray Koopa 
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Default NAKR Archives - Stuff prepared but never released

NAKR was bigger than what we got
When NAKR closed, a lot more content than playable was prepared for a North American / English release.
Sadly, we never got to see it, since one stupid company called Nexon America decided to kill off a great game.

Much of that content could easily be figured out by looking at the game pack file names.
What I post here from time to time is interesting stuff found inside those packs, in more or less raw form, which is buried since almost 10 years now.

Remember this intro?

Want to check on something special?
You can request English translations for an item of interest or info about a specific feature, and I'll try to find the translations or check if the feature was there, and how far it was prepared for NAKR.

All English Track Names
For the start, here's the list of all English track names: Note how they already translated Galaxy, Mine and Factory themes. Also note how all tracks with the "blocked" attribute set to 1 were kept away from our eyes and karts.
<track id="village_I01" name="Zoomtown - Clock Tower" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="village_I02" name="Zoomtown - The Glove" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="village_I03" name="Zoomtown - Arc Enemies" hot="1" />
<track id="village_I04" name="Zoomtown - Rivera Rift" hot="1" />
<track id="village_I05" name="Zoomtown - Waterway" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="village_R01" name="Zoomtown - Freeway" hot="1" />
<track id="village_R02" name="Zoomtown - Double Glove" blocked="1" />
<track id="village_R03" name="Zoomtown - Tunnel" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="forest_I01" name="Frenzy Forest - Woodland" hot="1" />
<track id="forest_I02" name="Frenzy Forest - Mushroom Cave" hot="1" />
<track id="forest_I03" name="Frenzy Forest - Basil Road" hot="1" />
<track id="forest_I04" name="Frenzy Forest - Gorge" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="forest_I05" name="Frenzy Forest - Waterfall" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="forest_R02" name="Frenzy Forest - Zig Zag" hot="1" />
<track id="forest_R04" name=".." hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="desert_I01" name="Desert Drift - Sandpit" hot="1" />
<track id="desert_I02" name="Desert Drift - Pyramid Mesa" hot="1" />
<track id="desert_I03" name="Desert Drift - Oasis" hot="1" />
<track id="desert_I04" name="Desert Drift - Bizaare Bazaar" hot="1" />
<track id="desert_I05" name="Desert Drift - Ancient Ruins" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="desert_R01" name="Desert Drift - Demolition Derby" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="ice_I01" name="Arctic Rim - Iceberg Escape " hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="ice_I02" name="Arctic Rim - Shark's Fin" hot="1" />
<track id="ice_I03" name="Arctic Rim - Penguin Town" hot="1" />
<track id="ice_I04" name="Arctic Rim - Ice Cave" hot="1" />
<track id="ice_I05" name="Arctic Rim - Frozone Pipe" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="ice_R01" name="Arctic Rim - Mt. Speedshift" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="ice_R02" name="Arctic Rim - Iceberg Antics" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="mine_I01" name="Lost Mine - Campsite" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="mine_I02" name="Lost Mine - Lavaland" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="mine_R01" name="Lost Mine - Bender Binge" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="mine_I03" name="Lost Mine - Waterfall" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="tomb_I01" name="Creepy Hollow - Soul Valley" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="tomb_I02" name="Creepy Hollow - Diablo Road" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="tomb_I03" name="Creepy Hollow - Hidden Monastery" hot="1" />
<track id="tomb_I04" name="Creepy Hollow - Fright Fight" hot="1" />
<track id="tomb_R01" name="Creepy Hollow - Ghost Riders" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="northeu_I01" name="Galaxy Express - Starcraft Central" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="northeu_I02" name="Galaxy Express - Space Speedway" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="northeu_I03" name="Galaxy Express - Comet Corner" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="northeu_I04" name="Galaxy Express - Alien Attack" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="northeu_R01" name="Galaxy Express - Quasar Crash" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="northeu_I05" name="Galaxy Express - FutureShock" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="northeu_I06" name=".." hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="factory_I01" name="Frantic Factory - Malfunction Junction" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="factory_I02" name="Frantic Factory - Gear Grind" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="factory_I03" name="Frantic Factory - Haywire " hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="factory_I04" name="Frantic Factory - Task Dash" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="factory_I05" name=".." hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="factory_R01" name="Frantic Factory - Inc, Complete" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="pirate_I01" name="Pirate Bay - Gally Rally" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="pirate_I02" name="Pirate Bay - Swashbucklers" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="pirate_I03" name="Pirate Bay - Swashbucklers" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="pirate_I04" name="Pirate Bay - Jolly Roger" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="pirate_R01" name="Pirate Bay - Yo-ho-ho!" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="pirate_R02" name="Pirate Bay - Buried Bounty" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="fairy_I01" name="Fairy Trail - Jack's Track" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="fairy_I02" name="Fairy Trail - Frog Frolic" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="fairy_I03" name="Fairy Trail - Hoofin' It" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="fairy_R01" name="Fairy Trail - Mystic Gate" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="village_F01" name="Zoomtown - Stadium" hot="1" />
<track id="desert_F01" name="Desert Drift Danger" hot="1" />
<track id="desert_R02" name="Desert Drift - Ravine" hot="1" blocked="1" />
<track id="tomb_F01" name="Creepy Hollow - The Haunting" hot="1" />
<track id="forest_F01" name="Frenzy Forest - Hidden Plains" hot="1" />
<track id="village_B01" name="Zoomtown - Jackpot Jam" hot="1" blocked="1" />
Promotional Banners
Here are the last promotional banners seen in the main menu screen, together with their runtime (remember NAKR closed on March 19, 2008):
  • 20071225_nakart_burst_e2_02: The last new kart
  • 20080115_newTrack01: The last new track
  • 20080115_Plate01: The biggest featured cringe update

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Knew it. Nexon just didn't know how to handle KartRider's release at the time. Hopefully they can come to their senses after this: http://www.mmorpg.com/news/update-ju...ica-1000042737
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Old 02-04-2017, 08:55 AM   #3
Ray Koopa 
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I doubt there's still hope for KR.
At least they have to put some work into it again.

All clients ship with each others translations, but the US translations have been removed since some time and only very few (less than in NAKR itself) are still there.
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Old 02-04-2017, 09:05 AM   #4
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That would be hilarious if Nexon actually found out how to handle KartRider & it made a huge comeback and became one of the biggest games worldwide.
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Old 02-04-2017, 10:03 AM   #5
Ray Koopa 
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Not with that 1024x768 1 diffuse texture only crappy graphics these days anymore :(
It does run flawlessy in higher resolutions, they layouted the UI to work well with 2560x1440 for example. Just the graphics / textures itself are really lowres / low quality:P

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Old 02-04-2017, 11:28 PM   #6
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Yup. I agree. Changes are needed, but hopefully they come - along with a PC version of Kart. Watch Mario Kart get smart and drop a PC version similar to KartRider and $$$ from Nexon's mess up. Don't think it'll ever happen, but somebody is bound to profit from this sort of game.
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