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Old 10-16-2014, 02:17 AM   #1
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Default [10/14/2014]kkr update

SORRY!! it should be 10/16 update instead of 14th

1. The 7th Transformer Kart - RATCHET

RATCHET has been released out with 6 types of features
1) [magnet] item automatically exchange into [siren shield] item
2) absolutely defend [banana] item
3) 3 item slots (in item mode race)
4) when being confined in [waterbubble / fly], kart invokes instant booster
5) a much faster boost starter (in item mode race)
6) you are allowed to release "kill" 2 times in every race (Battle Mode, Champion Mode and Boss Mode ONLY!)

you cannot see anything you put on except for kart body itself, but the effect and features are still remained so that they won't be changed

2. [siren shield] item with new features!!

-What is [siren shield]?
a siren shield is actually a combined item of shield and siren, so when you use it, both will be displayed on the screen.
(Reminder: shield is an item that defends any other attacking items (like missile or fly) for a period of time, and siren is that when you use it, others cannot really crash into you, otherwise they will get an effect that is similar to stepping on a banana..lol)

to sum up, siren shield is like you get a protect effect, in the meanwhile, it also helps you avoid situations that others hit you.

3. a short login event with RATCHET (10/16 ~ 10/22)
try to login to KKR everyday before next Thursday.
1 day - get 100 RATCHET balloons
3 days - get 30 RATCHET electric bands
5 days - get a 7-day character (RATCHET Tiera)
7 days - get 7 gears (sort of lottery draw you can get items randomly from it)

4. Item Mode Race Bonus!! (10/16 ~ 10/29)
during the event time, play games in item mode, get double EXP points and Lucci in the end of each game.

5. NEW Quest: HELP! RATCHET (10/16 ~ 10/29)
1st part: use the [siren shield] item 10 times in item mode race
Reward: one silver plant box
2rd part: use the [siren shield] item 15 times in item mode race
Reward: one gold plant box

* It is an unrepeatable quest!!

6. Enjoy RP Speed Mode Race with Transformer theme! (10/16~11/05)
- what is RP Mode Race?
well..honestly, i don't even know what the abbreviation RP stands for, (perhaps random p..something)..Anyways..it is a mode that everyone can get a random kart to play a game. And no one knows what karts are gonna get before game starts. So if you are lucky, you can get a nice kart and easily beat them in one single race..

so..yeah..take a try!

7. RP Speed Mode Race Bonus! (10/16~11/05)
during the event time, play games in this mode, get triple EXP points and Lucci in the end of each game.


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GJ little rain~
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Pretty cool update .
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