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Default The Golden Adventure Scenario Mode Scenario Guide

Phew, that was a long title. Anyway, this topic is about completing the scenario that is out in KKR and just came out in PopKart. Without further ado, let's begin:

Beat Brill in a Speed Race

REWARD: Sundial Balloon (20 Hits)
NOTES: Brill sucks. He drives slow, he rarely drifts and as a result he barely boosts. Just stay ahead of him and don't hit a lot of things and you'll probably win.

Beat Brill, Chunk, Bazzi, Dizni and Mos in an Item Race

NOTES: Even though you're up against 5 other racers, this one's a piece of cake. A majority of the item boxes contain Shields and Angels (yes, Angels). All you really need to do is drive and occasionally shield when you hear Wasp buzzing.

Beat the two Archaeologists (Boris and Borec) in a Speed Race

REWARD: Saber Baton (7 Days)
NOTES: This ones a bit of a challenge. Compared to Brill, Boris and Borec are better in almost every way, so you're going to need to drift. As an added bonus, whoever is in last place when the second lap starts gets disqualified.

Complete the course in 2 minutes, 8 seconds

NOTES: I picked A since the sword is better than 300 RP.

Beat the two Archaeologists in an Item Race

REWARD: Boris Balloon (20 Hits)
NOTES: Be prepared to take like 5 UFOs in a row. Even with the constant slowdowns, this one is ridiculously easy because the duo tend to fall back a lot.

Catch up to Boris without letting him create a 20 meter gap between the two of you.

REWARD: Ghost Plate (30 Days)
NOTES: Much like Lodumani does in the L2 test, Boris cheats by leaving the starting line at "2". All you have to do is reduce the Meter meter at the top of the screen to "0m". Don't bother drifting, because you can catch up to him easily if you don't.

Drive 40 kilometers in Multiplayer mode
REWARD: 1000 Lucci

Beat Kaphae in a Speed Race

REWARD: Bonus Card (5 Days)
NOTES: Kaphae sucks just as bad as Brill did. Only now you have to watch out for stage hazards. First is a wall of falling Tetris blocks, then falling walls and finally a rolling boulder.

Complete the course in 2 minutes, 7 seconds

REWARD: Item Switch (20)
NOTES: This one can be hard if you don't know how the track is set up. For the Tetris blocks, there is usually an opening in the center of them. Follow the orange bricks in the road to avoid being crushed by the falling ceiling, and finally, don't go near that groove in the road.

Beat the Village Chief in an Item Race

NOTES: Unlike Boris and Borec, the Chief will attack you with missiles and water bombs. He'll also boost when he's behind, so save a Missile or something to hit him when he passes.

Complete the course by passing through checkpoints without letting your timer run out.

REWARD: Ruby Headband (20 Days)
NOTES: Passing through a checkpoint adds extra time to the timer. Just be sure not to hit too many walls and you'll be fine.

Beat Brill in a Speed Race

NOTES: Brill has gotten a bit better with his drifting, but he still sucks. Just follow the road and don't hit anything and you'll be ahead the entire race.

Complete the course in 2 minutes, 17 seconds

REWARD: Item Switch (30)
NOTES: What's this doing here? Oh well. All you really need to do is drift and not hit any walls.

Play 10 games in Multiplayer Mode
REWARD: 1000 Lucci

Beat Borec and Boris in an Item Race

REWARD: Dagger Headband (10 Days)
NOTES: Boris and Borec leave the starting line before the countdown even begins. Thus, you're going to HAVE to collect item boxes to win. The only items you get in this race are Missiles, so fire them all at the two. Once you're ahead, you're all set as the archaeologists won't retaliate.

Beat Borec and Boris in a Speed Race

REWARD: Borec Balloon (20 Hits)
NOTES: Like the one back in the Mushroom Cave, it's tougher than Brill's stupid challenge. Just like last time, the loser at the end of lap 1 is disqualified. For humor, Borec smacks into a wall like 3 seconds after the race begins.

Beat the Stone Guardian in a Speed Race

NOTES: The Guardian is better than Brill, but he's worse than Boris and Borec. Whether you drift or not isn't important, because he's that big of a pushover. To make it even easier, the guy crashes into a wall near the end of the third lap.

Pass through Checkpoints on the Speed map while going the designated speed.

REWARD: Totem Baton (14 Days)
NOTES: If you go through a checkpoint at the designated speed, you get extra time. If you aren't, you lose.

Beat Possessed Chunk, Mos, Bazzi, Brill and Dizni in an Item Race

NOTES: This is just like Scenario #2, but now everyone is a bit faster, and they've all got black paint on. They also boost now, so watch out for that.

Beat the Stone Guardian in an Item Race

REWARD: Mayan Mask (15 Days)
NOTES: Prepare to be bitch-slapped with just about every single item in the game. The Guardian will cast UFOs and Devils upon you, sometimes both at the same time. He'll also use Missiles, Flying Bombs and Regular Bombs, sometimes shooting a missile then a wasp. He'll drop Bananas and Land Mines if you fall behind. To top it off, Shield aren't as common as in the other races, and there aren't any Angel power ups, either.
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