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Old 03-19-2017, 07:29 PM   #1
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Lightbulb 2017 Kartrider Tournament


Team 1 > Team 2 : 2-0 [7-6 ; 7-1]

Team #1 - WheelieRider, Uchiha, Keng

Team #2 - Slick, Nova, Okiesmokie

Video Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGz53g1h3SI [Sorry for the low quality. I lowered the quality of my OBS earlier to test some stuff out & forgot to change it back. Next time it will be much better! Thanks!]

This was fun! GGs guys! I may do this again, so be ready for another! Thank you!

Well peeps, it's about time (AGAIN) to see how everybody's been doing. Last year I ran a KartExtreme tournament(+ a few) that brought a few folks together & was super fun. I learned some things from that experience, and the feedback from players like Keng + Okiesmokie was invaluable. Because of this, the unique change of this tournament is that it will consist of teams, Speed Mode will be Infinite N2O, and all karts will be allowed. Thank you ALL, and hopefully we're able to gather the same amount of racers who love the game enough to still be driving after all these years!

So, without further adieu, I present to you...another tournament!

Tournament Objectives
1. See how many players we've got hiding in the shadows. This will be important to see how many people we have if we ever were to run team tournaments or things like that.
2. Creating a tournament scene where people would be hyped to join. If this is successful, this will also lead up to cash prizes in the future.
3. This tournament will also be a test to see who the best Speed & Item players are.
4. Fun!

First Come, First Serve
In the case of an unequal amount of entries, lady luck will be the deciding factor of our fate. This gives all people who signed up an equal chance of making the tournament. To make everything run smoothly, I will be safe from elimination should lady luck deal her fate upon my soul.
Example: 11 entrants enter for the tournament. I will use a random generator (random.org) that will pick players for each team. The last four players play a Single Speed (Bo3) + Single Item (Bo3) to determine the winner. If there is a tie, the winner will be the one who had the most wins in the mode. If that is a tie, then a final Speed race will determine the fate of the winner.

Tournament Rules + Layout
-Modes: Team Item S2 & Team Infinite N2O (Infinite N2O)
-Karts: All Karts allowed.
-No flying pets.
-Speed Sequence Listed below
-Item Maps: All random maps, besides Crazy Random, will be played!
-The first map for Speed will be a practice race on Expressway. The first map for Item will be Village Canal.
-If somebody disconnects from the match, the match will be replayed & they will have 5 minutes to rejoin. If there is any indication that somebody has DC'd on purpose, then they will be punished with either a strike or disqualification.
-ABSOLUTELY NO HACKING OR BLOCKING! Blocking can be dealt with, though I hate it worst than hacking, but there will be absolutely NO HACKING ALLOWED! Hack = auto disqualification, but you should already know this.
-Keng & I are disabled from being on the same team.

Speed Sequence of Maps















1st Round: Speed (Bo13)

2nd Round: Item (Bo13)

-In a 2-0, the winning team (obviously) wins!
-In a 1-1, an Infinite N2O Ace Match (Bo3) will be played. The winner takes the tournament.

Sign-Up Card
Sign-ups will last for a week unless we get more players than expected. Sometime during the week, as we see how many join the tournaments, I'll post the playing times. You'll also need to post for yourself with your forum account. Nobody is allowed to sign-up for others. Here's the format & my own official sign-up:

Name: [You can put your forum name here, or whatever you're most known by]
Preferred Day/Time: [The time in which you're likely to be available. The tournament will be held on a weekend. Please also post your timezone.]
Motto: [Just a fun slogan you like or live by]

Name: Nova
Preferred Day/Time: Sat. or Sun. 7pm
Motto: Victory!

Blank for copy/pasting
Preferred Time:

All questions should be directed to this thread or my PMs. Be warned that this thread is a better place to put your inquiries since my inbox is filled with my fangirls' DMs. JK, but yeah, it gets full fast so please use this thread for a faster/better response. Depending on the amount of players that sign-up, we may need more tournament organizers, but we'll handle that as it lays itself out.

Racer Pool

1. Nova: Victory!

2. Slick: Ready for action!

3. Keng

4. Uchiha: Catch Me Outside How Bout Dat

5. Noodle: \_(ツ)_/

6. Okiesmokie

More details will be announced as time goes on. Thank you !

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