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Ray Koopa 
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Smile List of more or less obvious KartRider tricks

Let's collect valuable tips for newcomers or those who don't know them yet!

  • You can do a boost start by holding down the Up key right at the moment when the 3-2-1 countdown has finished and displays "START", not before.
Item Mode
  • When being trapped in bubble explosions, you can escape them earlier by "shaking", this means pressing left and right very quickly (just spam them as fast as possible).
  • You can assign A and D (or any other) as secondary keys in the Settings for left and right to shake faster with them while keeping left and right arrow keys for steering.
  • Shaking also works for some other negative effects, like being squashed by Bazzi weights or completely removing Pirate bombs (both are Battle mode superweapons). Just try it when something prevents you from driving!
  • After landing on the floor again from being blown up by explosions, you can almost always continue driving with a small boost. For that, release the up key while you are in the air, and only start holding it down again after touching the floor.
  • When zooming towards a racer with a magnet, additionally keep Up pressed to accelerate even faster, but hold Down to accelerate much slower to the targeted racer. This way, you can control the point in time where you will overtake him.
  • Immediately after being blown up by explosions or water bubbles, press R to make your kart invincible for a few seconds - without being reset back a few meters on the track. Others can pass through you in this time. This only works if you do it quickly enough. Otherwise your kart will get reset on the track and you lose some distance.
  • Items like rocket and magnet can be held for an infinite time by holding down the Ctrl key. If you do so, you can free the item slot they used up immediately, collecting up to 2 more items (if you have 2 item slots in total).
  • If two water flies are sent to you at once or in a short period of time, the second water fly will actually bring you down on track again, almost nullifying the time of being held up in air - often happens in Battle mode where you can simply continue to drive.
  • Several tracks have their item boxes placed so near besides each other, driving through the middle of them makes you collect two item boxes at once. This is possible on more and more tracks the more precise you get in this.
  • You can prevent your pet from following you in your garage by typing the words "Pet Stay" or "Pet Come On" in the garage chat in the language of the client:
    • Korean KartRider: Stop pet: 가만있어 - Resume pet: 이리와 or 컴온
  • For chatting, you can "translate" a few English words and sentences into the client language by typing #sb(wordYouWantToTranslate) - this only works for some words like "ready" or "start", e.g. #sb(ready) and #sb(start). This does not work when the race has started, however.
  • When a scenario splits into a multi-route and you have to choose one, you can actually cancel your selection by going back to the previous screen and revisit the other choice to select the task (and prize) you'd want to do more.
Got more tricks? Post them here!
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