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Ray Koopa 
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Lightbulb Menu and Game Guide 2017

In the last 6 years, KartRider went through 2 major UI overhauls (and having had a smaller third back in 2006). Even if you are totally new to the game, this guide will help you get around and shows the most common screens you will encounter.

The guide mostly uses Korean KartRider imagery and wording, but applies to other clients aswell.

The guide is designed so that if you want to get just a quick overview, you'll only have to look at the images. More details are in the texts below them.

Main Menu
After the intro has ended, you will be greeted with a screen similar to this:

Your level, nick and info
  • Here you see your current RP (experience points) level in form of an icon (colored gloves / stars / medals) and the numerical value of it.
  • Your nick follows under which others can find you and you will appear in rooms.
  • The i button displays your Account info dialog (more about that later in Communications).
  • The VIP level icon follows, which is a system to show your "loyalty" to the game. You gain ranks by spending money on the game and participating in events over and over.

Your Lucci and K-Coins
  • Your amount of lucci. Lucci is an inflationary currency in the game which is not worth much anymore since 2012. You gain it by placing well in races.
  • Your amount of K-Coins. K-Coins is the "new" currency which is worth more. You cannot earn them directly (except with Challenger missions, more about those later).
  • The last button allows you to buy K-Coins for NxCash (Nexon's virtual currency you have to buy with real money) or show your most recent cash orders.

Current Events

Prominently placed is a horizontal list of buttons which lead to event menues. KartRider offers time limited events every now and then, and these buttons let you take part in them.
Since each event is different or a completely new idea, they cannot be explained here. Most events require the use of NxCash though to fully participate.

Patch Notes & Event Imagery
On the right side are the most recent patch notes and news, however probably in a language you cannot read. You find them on the website of the game aswell, with the advantage of running a translator over them.
The event imagery at the bottom might hint what the fuss is about, and you can navigate through several of those images with the small bullets below them.

Your current Kart & Character
In the background you see your currently selected character and Kart combination standing around. You can change them in your Garage (explained later).


These buttons mostly help you find your away around the many screens of the game.
  • The Start Menu pops up a textual list of screens to go to. There are other more visual ways to get to them anyway, and it is barely used nowadays - especially since it got hard to remember what each of the entries is in there after Nexon scrapped the icons from them!
  • The next button with the house redirects you back to the screen you are currently looking at - the main menu.
  • If you dive into other screens, the left-pointing arrow brings you back one step. Sometimes this is the only way out of screens (especially for event screens).
  • Event Notifications display a bubble about some ongoing stuff on the current events, for example a timer until you get the next bonus item.
  • Menu Guide is something like this more interactively, but of course not in English, so you might aswell ignore it!

Main Toolbar

This toolbar is visible most of the time and quickly teleports you to the most important screens of the game.
  • Multiplayer displays the available multiplayer modes (more about it soon).
  • Singleplayer displays the singleplayer / "offline" modes you can play without being worries about other humans participating in your races (more about it soon).
  • Garage is the place where you can choose your kart, character, pet, items, ballons, bonus card and style your character has throughout the game (more about it soon).
  • Shop is a place to spend your hard earned Lucci (or more K-Coins nowadays) in exchange for gems which give you random karts or characters (more about it soon).
  • You can slightly upgrade your kart with some special upgrade items. Explaining this section would bloat this guide too much, so you need to click around to find out some things.
  • The Kart Synthesis allows you to merge crappy karts into a better one (only with luck or adding K-Coins to the process, of course). This section is not explained in this guide (yet).

Communication & Settings

The bottom right corner features another set of randomly grouped buttons.
  • Quests are weekly events which require you to participate in races and progress them. Often do not need Cash, but require you to play in a cybercafe (called PC cafe in Korea). You can click the first button to see the currently ongoing ones and your progress in them at the bottom right.
  • Global chat is something you better not use if you do not speak the language of the game; it is used to spam with other players in leaving messages globally visible for everyone in the game or in specific subservers.
  • Messenger is the NexonPlug interface built into the game. You can see other buddies from it in here and chat with them without the need to switch back to the desktop. Explained more later on as it is sometimes the only place you should speak English with your friends to not risk being kicked.
  • Settings opens the Options dialogue which allows you to configure some things of KartRider. Explained later on, though you don't need to change much here.

Multiplayer Menu
When clicking the Multiplayer button in the main toolbar, you get to the most important screen of the game.

This screen allows you to select a game mode / game "channel" category, then a channel to play in (which determines speed and teaming settings) on the left side, and then choose a room in this channel or join the next free one at random on the right side.

Let's have a look at the game mode categories on the left first.

Item Modes

In item mode you make use of item boxes and luck to retrieve offensive or defensive items, much like you maybe know it from Mario Kart. If you want to have a look at the different items, go here.
  • Single Slow are slow races in which you drive on your own against up to 7 opponents. The first one wins, obviously!
  • Team Slow are slow races in which you drive in even teams with up to 3 buddies. The team whose player reached the finish at first wins. Adds team-specific items to the mode.
  • Single Fast and Team Fast are faster paced races in case you fall asleep in the slow modes.
  • Event modes pop up from time to time and often get a huge button to not be overlooked by blind people. For example, Bokbulbok / Lucky Mode is a mode in which you cannot select a kart or accessoires, but get them assigned at random - some worse some better. Crazy Mode adds boosters all over the track and focuses items you drop behind you to make your followup-opponents life hell.

Speed Modes

In case you don't want mostly luck based races like Item and rely more on driving skill, Speed mode might be of interest to you. You drift with Shift around curves to fill up an N2O bar, which when full gives you a boost item.
  • Single Slow are slow speed races with up to 7 opponents. The first guy in the finish wins.
  • Team Slow are slow speed races in which you evenly team up with 3 other racers. Depending on the overall team placement, you gain points which at the end decide if your team won or lost against the other.
  • Single Fast and Team Fast are faster versions with probably more drifting than the slow ones.
  • Infinite N2O is the same as the other modes, but you only need to drift an atom far to gain a full N2O bar.
  • Event modes pop up again from time to time, like Bokbulbok Speed, in which you get assigned random karts, severaly hurting your placement if they are bad.

Guild Modes

Guilds cannot be configured inside the game anymore and require you to navigate through the game website. Guild management is not explained in this guide. In case you are already in a guild, you can choose the two modes here to race against other guilds - either Item or Speed.

Other Modes

A lot of other modes have appeared over the time, some gone already, but these have stayed.
  • Champion Mode / "Who is Champion?" is a mode in which you drive up to 5 races against a computer controlled team in Item mode. The computer team gets harder and spams more items with each round you win against them. Depending on how far you make it, you can gain glove coins which you can turn into Champion trophies to gain random items from (yellow glove coins give you 1 rainbow glove coin, 3 rainbow glove coins give you 1 trophy).
  • Battle Mode is the same as Champion Mode, but the computer AI team and difficulty is selected manually and you drive against them only for 3 races.
  • Boss Mode features a huge robot racing away from you and trying to shoot your brain out of your head by firing obstacles and other random crap at you. Of course you fight back by shooting out his electronical brain first. When the robot reaches the finish, you lost the game.
  • Flag Mode is much like "Capture The Flag". In a team (single mode not available anymore), you try to carry a randomly popping up flag into your goal to score a point. The other team tries to shoot rockets at you, lay mines and other traps to make this task most unpleasant for you. The team with the most points wins.
  • Formula 1 mode is probably the only "Speed mode" in this section. You drive against up to 20 computer controlled bots and can gain so called Crush N2O boosts which not only makes you fast, but also slips out the racers you overtake closely.

Newbie Modes

This button is disabled if you reached a specific rank. You can only play it with brand new accounts (for the guide, the image has been faked, don't expect to be able to join it at Level 71!).
The modes are the same as Item and Speed, each in Single and Team variants, but even slower than "Slow". Good to get used to KartRider physics and drifting.

Selecting a channel and joining a room
Now you know about the different modes / channels, but how do you join a room in one? As soon as you click one mode button, the display on the right changes and shows the available rooms.
  • Each room is one button. On those buttons, you see the following information.
  • The track or random track set currently set in the room. So you can skip the Desert theme if it's too dry for you.
  • The (most uninteresting) room name the creator gave it.
  • The name of the track or random track set. Since you might not be able to read it, it's better to look at the image.
  • The player count in the format "players currently / max players". The number is always red, so ignore the stupid color.
  • A key icon in case the room is password protected.
  • The button background is gray when the race has already started. You cannot click it yet and have to wait until the race ended.
Note that some modes don't allow to join a room manually and only display instructions in that area. In that case you have to use the lower buttons, which are available at all times:
  • The red button allows you to quickly join the next open and unprotected room. If none is found, a simple error message will appear which you have to click away. You can also press F5 to use this button.
  • The green button gives you a window in which you can create a new room yourself for this mode.

Creating a new room
If you hit the green button mentioned above, this window greets you in which you configure your new room before creating it.:
  • Room title: Better leave it at one of the default native language titles before nobody joins your English titled ones.
  • The maximum amount of players which can join that room. Can still be changed later in the game room itself.
  • The password with which this room will be protected. Anyone who wants to join has to know and enter it.
  • Inviting AI players means that every player slot will be set up with an AI driver. As soon as real players join, the AI gets kicked automatically. You can also invite and kick AI later on in the game room if they start to go on your nerves.

Game Room
Now you joined a room and don't know what to do! Here's some quick help in getting you started in that weird new screen.

Player Boxes
At first you see 8 big boxes, filled with weirdly looking characters sitting on karts... or other things. The top left / first box always shows yourself, while the other boxes show other participating players or AI bots. Let's have a more detailled look at the layout of these boxes.
  • At first, there's the level icon which you might already know from the main menu screen at the top left (in fact, it's still visible right now). It shows the level of the player in that box (in case it's a human player).
  • Right to that is the player name.
  • On the very right is an X with which you can have the joy of kicking the player in that box. In fact, kicking in this game is common - the cases range from not liking the skill of others to not liking how you don't respond to their messages since you don't understand them... If you decide to kick someone, you have to accept this in the popup with the left button.
  • Below the level icon are several more icons. The first one displays the icon of the guild you are in or nothing if you're a loner!
  • Below the guild icon are one or two more emblems. Emblems can be earned by fulfilling specific tasks throughout the game. They have to be claimed on the game's website, so it's kinda annoying to get them as a non-native speaker. You can see and change your displayed emblems in your garage (more later).
  • Then, in the middle, pulling all focus on it, is your character as you have configured it currently or the character of other players. Clicking the ones of others mutes those players in case you are annoyed by not being able to understand them. In fact, bot players spam random messages all the time. Right click characters to give them the captain role in case you are the room captain (s. below). If the slot is empty, click this area to lock it and reduce the number of players who can be in the room effectively (not possible in all modes).
  • On the right side, below the kick button, is the i again which you might remember from your account info. Click it to show the account dialog of players (more later).
  • Below that is the VIP level icon again.
  • At the bottom of each such box appears a bar most of the time. It displays the role and state a player has in the room.
    • A black bar means that this is the room captain - the guy in control. He can select the next track (set), has the task to start the game and be capable of kicking players. In KartRider, the winner of the last race becomes captain automatically. If he leaves or assigns the role manually, another one becomes captain.
    • A gray bar with red text and a wrench (not pictured) shows a player when he is configuring his character or the captain when he is picking a new track (set).
    • A yellow bar indicats the Ready status of a player. Each player has to be ready or the Captain cannot start the game - this means if you don't ready up fast enough, you possibly get kicked. It's a good idea to be ready ASAP and keep configuring your kart and character for later when you visit your garage.
    • If there is no bar, the player is neither ready nor captain nor doing anything right now - and will get kicked if he doesn't change something about this "bad attitude".
  • If there is no player in the box, you are the captain and the currently selected track supports AI bots (not all do), there's a blue button instead of the player name in the box. Click it to put an AI player into the slot. You can remove it by "kicking him", like any other player.

Chat Messages

On the bottom left is a room-wide chat. You can decide to write something there or let it be.
Tip: To tell other players to ready up, type #sb(ready) - it will get replaced by the native word for "ready" (this works only for a handful of words). Same goes to #sb(start) to tell the captain to start the game.

Buttons at the bottom right
After giving you quite some fright about "readying up" as fast as possible, how would you actually do this? Let's have a look at the buttons at the bottom right for this:
  • The big red button - what a relief - readies you up! You can also press F5 to use this button. A yellow bar will show you are ready to get started. This button removes the ready state if you click it again.
  • If you are the captain, this button can only be used when everyone is ready, otherwise it is disabled. That is because this button will actually start the game instead.
  • The blue button allows you to look into your karts, characters and other stuff, to pick them for the next race. You can only do this while you are not ready - this means that you should not spend too much time in there or people will get impatient and kick you.
  • If you are the captain, you can select the green button at the bottom right to pick the track or random track set for the next race. The current selection is shown in the big box in the middle.
Note that the buttons here differ for those modes under "Other Modes" in the multiplayer menu. Champions does not allow any specific selections, battle lets you only select the team and its difficulty, for example.

Selecting a track or track set
When you click the green button as a captain, you get the dialog to select a track or random track set.
  • The left side allows you to pick a theme from which you want to choose a track. Unlike Mario Kart, KartRider has a lot of tracks (more than 100) and groups them in themes like Arctic, Forest, Castle etc. You select the theme you prefer here.
  • The very first button on the left side shows all tracks available for that game room without a theme filter. Note that for slower game modes, you cannot select the "harder" tracks, and Item mode cannot play on Speed tracks.
  • The second button in the left side allows you to pick a random track set. Tracks are not only grouped by theme, but also by difficulty or release date. Those groups, also called "sets" can be picked here. Sadly, the sets are not well made and often repeat the same track, and the "difficulty" ratings of the tracks is kinda mysterious. As with tracks themselves, some sets are not available in some modes.
  • The filter at the top allows you to filter tracks by other categories than mentioned, for example, you can filter out reversed versions of tracks (they tend to be harder if you don't like that). The last checkbox is a filter on mode specific tracks, not always available.

Selecting a character and kart
If you click the blue button, you can select a kart, character or most other stuff which you can also select in your garage. Since you should not spend much time here when in a game room and the dialog being the same as the one in the garage (just more limited), we discuss it in the garage section when you have more time to explore it.

Singleplayer Menu
Clicking the Singleplayer button in the main toolbar brings you to a screen similar to Multiplayer, but as you notice, the category icons are all different:

Similar to the Multiplayer screen, clicking one of these buttons will reveal more options. Let's go through each of them!

Time Attack
If you think you are up to some world record time hunting and liked Speed Mode already, this is for you! Select a character and kart of your choice and then drift to boost into the finish in the shortest time possible and get your name recorded in a global leaderboard.
  • The blue Training button does not actually record the time you drive on a leaderboard, but allows you to drive on any track for free without paying Lucci for each try. There are no further limitations. The screen you get to is the same as the one in Record Hunting, so read on!
  • The red "Record Hunting" button is the real deal: You have to pay 500 Lucci for each drive you take, but for that you get your record put onto global leaderboards - even directly visible to any other player if you reach the TOP 10.

Whichever button you select, you will end up here:
  • At the top you see your character again, and the bubble near it shows the currently selected speed (determining how fast paced the time attack is).
  • You can change the speed to your likings if you click the yellow buttons. Of course another leaderboard is selected for each speed.
    • The green speed is slow.
    • The blue speed is normal.
    • The red speed is fast.
    • The purple speed is super fast!
  • Of course you can also select the track which you want to drive on with the green button. Speed mode covers item tracks aswell. The track selection is the same as the one seen in game rooms!
  • Configure your kart and character with the blue button. This dialog is explained in the Garage section later on.
  • To start the race, press the red button. Note that for Record Hunting, you need to pay a fee of 500 Lucci to record your time in your profile.
  • At the top right are details about your best record on the track you selected.
  • The bottom right is the leaderboard TOP 10 local to your games country. (Note that times around 30 seconds are often the result of hacking as the server kicks you if you drive less than 30 seconds.)

Challenger Mode
This is yet another mode to train your Speed skills. There are 40 challenges, in which each of them you drive against a bot 3 times in slightly different race modes to earn stars and eventually a K-Coin for each fully completed challenge!

Clicking on any unlocked challenge gives you this screen:
  • The blue button on the left should be clear by now. It allows you to set up your character and kart again.
  • The stars on the right show your progress in this challenge. You have to drive against the bot displayed bellow 3 times:
    • Normal Race is just a typical race where you have to get first for the full amount of laps.
    • Overtake is a special mode in which the bot starts earlier than you, and your task is to overtake him. As soon as you do, you win the race! If you fall too far behind, you'll lose!
    • Escape is another special mode. You have to drive away a set amount of meters displayed at the top in the race to win the race. For challenges, the distance you have to create between you and the bot is 60 meters.
  • The orange button at the bottom right starts the challenge.
Whenever you get all 3 stars in a challenge, you earn a K-Coin; thus it is possible to earn a total of 40 K-Coins with the Challenges. But beware, they get really hard after some time. Harder stages unlock as you progress in the easier ones.

Finally a single player mode for Item mode players!

KartRider offers some pretty silly stories grouped in "Scenarioes". Those themselves are grouped into themes, which you see on the left side after you clicked the Scenario button. Choosing a theme shows the available scenarioes on the right side - marked with a "Clear" stamp if you already finished them! Note that you can sometimes scroll the right area if there are more than 3 scenarioes in a theme.

Each scenario consists of several tasks put onto a route, or "game board", which you can see after choosing a scenario:

You progress through the board by completing one task after another on the given route. Sometimes you have a multiroute and multiple choices about where to go, the game warns you about that. You can only complete one of those tasks, so make sure to pick the right one, which should be based on the prize you get from it - you can pick the other task as long as you haven't successfully finished the first.
Click on a task to go to it. A small dialogue and story will appear which you can mostly skip with the red button since you can't read it (or hold Enter pressed). Then, details about the task and what you have to do are displayed:

The screen is a bit similar to the time attack one. However, with the blue button, you can only select accessoires like balloons or pets, not change the character or kart - this is because those are set by the game as they are part of the scenario. The bottom image displays the track on which the task will take place.
The right side explains what you have to do at all. There are different tasks available, some you already know from Challenger mode:
  • Versus AI: You have to win an item race against bots. Sometimes, the item boxes only contain the same item over and over.
  • Collisions: You have to reach the finish without colliding with obstacles or walls too often. A counter is displayed in the race.
  • Escape: Bring a large distance between you and the bot following you. The exact distance is seen in the description text and provided in meters.
  • Ghost: Race and win against a ghost racer.
  • Knockout: Also known as "Last Man Standing", you basically have to be first and stay first for the duration of the race. If you are the last one to get into the next lap, you lose prematurely.
  • Multiplayer: You have to drive a given number of races against other players online. So much for Single Player!
  • Overtake: Overtake the bot which started a bit earlier than you.
  • Speed Check: At marks displayed on the track, you need to have the minimum speed displayed at the top in the race. If you pass a mark slower than the given speed, you lose!
  • Time Attack: Simply reach the finish before the timer runs out. Sometimes, there isn't even a timer, so you just have to drive.
    (Funny side fact: The image for this task was different in the US version as it shows a kart body not available in it, though the other pictures reveal this body and weren't changed.)
  • Time Check: You're only given a few seconds to finish a whole race at the start, but you can gain several more seconds by passing marks displayed on the track.
When you successfully finish a task, you're given the prize displayed at the bottom right. Those range from lame Lucci to great Karts given to you for a month.

Like in newer Mario Kart releases, it is possible to record, replay and drive against recorded races.
  • The orange button shows you a list of replays you did in paid Time Attack. For these, there's a small trash can icon at the top right of the replay buttons to delete them.
  • The blue button shows replays of real life Championships held in the country where the game runs in. If you wanna see how the pros do it, go here!
  • I have no clue what the red button is about. Possibly replays made by other users on your PC?

Click a replay on the right side to go to the replay screen, which is similar to the time attack screen again:
  • Beyond the blue button which you know already is a purple button which starts the replay (without you going to race against it). The replay mode allows a lot of camera angles and features which are not discussed in this guide. Note that some replays which display less details at the top right require you to buy a Replay Card from the shop to watch them (I'm not exactly sure about the reason behind that).
  • The red button starts the replay aswell, but you will be able to drive against the racers which participate as ghosts.
  • On the top right are details about the game mode of the replay, when it was recorded and by whom of the participating racers, and how official it was (whatever that means). There's also a description describing the event at which it was taken.
  • The bottom right lists the participating racer names and the kart they used, though sadly it does not display the final time they drove.

Kart School
If you want to learn a bit about Item and Speed mode in KartRider, play the interactive tutorials given here. It even sports descriptions about how the game works - too bad you can't read them!

The lessons are grouped into three categories.
  • Getting started: Really, horribly basic tutorials on how to use the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Item School: Shows you how to use and combat items.
  • Speed School: Trains your drifting abilities with an unfair number of curves and a huge gap in front of the finish. Get a boost to jump over it!

When you select a lesson, you'll see a screen similar to this:

You can now start the lesson with the big red button. It will take place in a training stadium in which you have to do some stuff displayed on the right. You even get a prize if you successfully finish the lesson - that way learning should be fun!

This is the place where you can look into your large inventory of karts, items, style items and whatever the game gives you over the time.

At the top left, you can look into different sections of the garage (s. below). The top right area displays all the players currently running around in your garage - yes, you can have visitors which can also look into your items (except you block them with a password, s. below). You can show their info with the i and kick them with the x button. The bottom right area allows a garage-wide chat with others those people.

In the garage space itself, you see yourself. You can move around with the arrow keys. For example, go to the left side to see the karts you showcase to others (you can configure them later). If you have any visitors, you see their karts nicely parked at the top.

Your items
Clicking the first blue button at the top left displays your inventory in its full glory... or emptyness. This dialog is the same as the one you get when you click a similarly looking button in the game rooms.
  • The top left shows your current kart, character, accessoires, pets, and whatever you have selected to use in the races right now.
  • On the right are all the items you have, sorted into categories (the first row of tabs) which can be filtered (the second row of tabs). The first button in the filter row always displays all the items in this category. The following buttons differ depending on the category:
    • Category Karts: Item Karts, Speed Karts, Kart Gear. Basically allows you to configure the vehicle you drive.
    • Secret Boxes: No additional filter. Those are the new common way to get Karts and characters. You buy a secret box of a specific type (Karts or Characters or Wear) and open them, then let luck give you a good one.
    • Characters: Drivers, Pets, Flying Pets. Unlike Mario Kart, the driver has no effect on the vehicle configuration. He gives different bonuses however, depending on the character. You can add (flying) pets to accompany in your races which helpfully defend you against items if you're lucky.
    • Wear: Headbands, Balloons, Goggles, Bonus Sticks, Bonus Cards, Other Cards. In Item Mode, you want to make sure to always carry headbands (blocking ufos), balloons (blocking rockets) and goggles (see through fog) with you to raise your chance of combatting these attacks. Carry bonus sticks to increase your RP and Lucci gain after you finished a race. Bonus cards increase your gain by a percentage. Additional cards, like the previously mentioned Replay Card, are seen in the last tab. (Funny side fact: Game Moderators have a Channel Card which allows them to join all channels in any rank.)
    • Bonus Items: Fishing Tools, Boss Items, Item Switcher / Changer, and some more I don't know. These items are mostly part of events or completed tasks and have to be used in a higher quantity to combine a prize out of them (for example, the 3 Champion Glove Rainbow Coins have to be combined into a Champion Prize).
    • Style: I don't know all buttons, but some filter by Aura, Paint, Skidmarks, Costume or Plates. All these items affect only your appearance and nothing more.
  • Click on any of these items to set them active and use them. For most of the categories, only on of the items can be active at a time. You can recognize the active one by the blue border it has around it.
Note that if you want to delete an item, click the trash can on its box. You are prompted to enter your account password to really delete it.

It is not only possible to buy items for yourself, but gift them to others (how this is done is explained in the shop section). Click the red button on the left side, right below your character display, to view the following:
  • The first page displays gifts you have not accepted yet. Click the left button on them to do so - time-limited items will start to run out the moment you accept them! Note that if you have 10 unaccepted gifts, nobody can send you more!
  • The second page displays the last 10 gifts you accepted. You can remove those memories with the X on them, but you don't have to - the list gets trashed automatically if you very lucky to have more than 10 gifts in your history.


Remember the two small boxes in the player slots? They've shown two emblems you acquired over the website, but since you can have much, much more than just 2, you can select the two you actually want to show in the player slot here.
  • Click an emblem in the bottom list to put it into the next available slot at the top.
  • Click an emblem at the top to free the slot and remove it from visibility.

Career mode has been removed in some or all clients as of 2nd March 2017. In case you still found a client in which it's available, expand the spoiler to learn more.

Garage Settings
  • To block people from entering your garage at all, or at least ask them to enter the password, set a checkbox and a password in the top option.
  • To only block people from having a look into your items (much as you saw them before, without editing rights of course), set only the second option.
  • In the bottom group, the first option controls which karts are displayed on the left side of your garage. You can pick two karts displayed additionally to your currently selected one.
  • The bottom option allows you to pick another garage design / environment. Those can be bought from the shop or won in Scenarioes. You always have the default Zoomtown-designed theme.
Visiting other garages
The red and yellow button at the top allow you to visit any other players garage (as long as they're not password protected).
  • The red button prompts you to enter the name of the player which garage you want to visit.
  • The yellow button visits a random garage of another player, as long as someone is in that garage. A nice way to make new friends if you could speak their language.

This is where you finally put your hard earned Lucci, K-Coins and Cash to good (or bad) use.

At the top right, you see the amount of currencies you have stored in your account. The currencies were explained previously, but let's repeat it here with a look on the shop:
  • K-Coins: You can earn these by doing Challenger tasks or buy them with Cash.
  • Cash: You can buy this with real life money. It might be hard to actually get it since they are normally only sold in the country in which the KartRider version you play runs, and only for accounts with legal identity. Shop items which can be bought with Cash have an orange title, but often also offer a K-Coin version in the details.
    You can use the "Use Cash Coupon" option if you got your hands on a coupon worth some Cash and having a code which you can enter here.
    Any cash purchases done are listed in the "Confirmed Purchases" window, so you have something to hand to your tax manager, though he might just give you a weird look.
  • Lucci: Earned by winning races, and doing lots of other tasks. Shop items which can be bought with Lucci have a blue title.
Lucci were inflationary devalued with an update in 2012. Previously, the limit was 1 million Lucci and you could buy the exact kart or character you want. Now karts and characters can only be retrieved by buying so called "Secret Boxes" which give you a random item of the category you select (with some exceptions to Karts which still can be bought directly).
If you want more of some currency, click the yellow plus button next to it.

Character Preview
At the bottom left is your character preview. If you select items on the right, and they have an effect on your character, you can have see how he will end up eventually. To reset the preview to what you really own, click the blue button.

Shop Items
The right side is similar to the Garage item view, sporting the following categories and filters:
  • Recommended: These are the most recent items which are probably of interest, but are mostly bought with Cash or K-Coins only.
  • Secret Boxes: Allows you to buy one of the aforementioned secret boxes giving you a random kart or character or whatever is displayed on them.
  • Karts / Gems: Similar to the Secret Boxes, you can buy Kart Gems to receive random karts. The number displayed on the gems displays the value of such kart, the higher the better. Some karts can actually be purchases directly in the good old ways.
  • Item / Replay / synthesizer Stuff: There's a lot of "stuff" going on here indeed. You can buy Item Changer / Switcher cards, Synthesizer add-ons, Boss items, Guild level up cards, Replay cards (in the form of a camera-man headset).
  • Cards: Even more cards like a couple marriage or game name changer card are offered here. You can also buy a plate name changer card for Lucci with which you can change the three letters displayed on most plates on your kart.
  • Packages: A set of wear and style items to give your character a (more or less) unique look.
  • Event specific: Depending on what event is going on, you can find special items here. For example, there were a lot of heart-themed items on Valentine's day in Korean KartRider.
Let's dissect an item on the right to know what's displayed there:

After hovering it, an additional box pops up whcih gives more info on the item and durations / currencies it can be bought with.

Buying an item
To buy it, press the yellow button:
  • If there were multiple durations / currencies available, you can select the combination you want at the top.
  • You can see if you have enough of that currency by looking at the "before / after" display below. If it goes red and into minus, you cannot buy the item as you do not have enough of the selected currency.
Gifting an item
You can also gift an item, basically buying it but sending it into another player's gift box.
  • Again, select the durations / currencies at the top and check the "before / after" display below. It actually displays Cash and Lucci here at the same time, for whatever reason.
  • Below that, you enter or select the name of the gift recipient.
  • You can leave a message which will be displayed to the recipient.
  • At the end, you require to enter your account password to confirm.
  • If you're out of cash, this button brings you to the Cash buying screen (an Internet browser popup which you can only dismiss with Escape), the same dialog which comes up if you add currency from the main screen.

The messenger which can be opened with the blue button at the bottom right allows you to chat with your buddies even when you're not in a game room.

In case of Korean KartRider, the messenger is basically NexonPlug inside the game. You can manage the buddies and chat with them via NexonPlug aswell and even at the same time as in KartRider. For all other clients, this is an integration of another or stand-alone KartRider-specific messenger.

It offers you up to three lists of buddies which you can display below with the 3 big buttons at the top:
  • Friends (blue) only displays your buddies which play KartRider and which you can add via the search dialog (more about it later).
  • Guild (green) friends are all the people in your KartRider guild, if you are in any.
  • Other friends (orange) displays buddies throughout other games which support the messenger interface. This button is disabled in some clients as they have no such games.
Black users are online (with a status type in brackets like "Busy" or "Playing"), offline users are gray.

Right-click a user to show a menu of options about things you can do with him:
  • Invite to Game Room is only enabled when you actually are in a game room. Clicking this will send the user an invitation popup which he can accept with the left button, then his game will automatically try to get into your room. It even works when he did not start the game yet, getting a Windows notification. This can take a while and if no more player slots are free
  • Join Game room is available all the time, but will just pop up a warning box when the user is in no free room (or in the race at the moment). If it is possible to join the room, the game will get you into it as soon as possible.
  • Start Chat does the same thing as left-clicking the user does: It opens the chat window in which you can write each other messages (s. below).
  • Blocking users should have a known effect. In case someone annoys you, block him! Other users won't see you blocked them.
  • Delete users is clear aswell, if you want to totally get rid of them. Other users won't see you deleted them.
  • You can also display the rider information window mentioned so often with the "i button". This context menu option shows rider details about your buddy.
  • Since you can also create groups (like folders) of buddies, the last option allows you to move a buddy into another group than the one he is currently in.
If you right click group titles, you get the following options in the context menu:
  • Rename the group header title.
  • Delete the group. You can only do this if you moved all buddies out into other groups before.
  • Add another group should be clear.
At the bottom, below the buddy list, you find two more buttons:
  • Add Friend allows you to search for a friend if you know his name and add a message about why he should accept (better think of something good!).
  • As mentioned, you can create groups. This button allows you to enter a name for the new group and then have it in your list.
When you start a chat to a user, a tab is added to the left, and will look like this:

The button below the chat message textbox allows you to add additional friends to the chat - creating a group chat out of it. You can close a conversation with the red X button at the top right.

Guild Friends
If you want to chat with your guild buddies, the green tab is of interest to you:

The procedure is the same, but this time the buddy list shows members of your guild. You can start a guild wide group chat, notifying all members, with the button at the top right.

Other Friends
In case you have buddies in other games of the same company running KartRider (and the company supports this feature), you can chat to them on the orange tab:

The buddy list is typically grouped into the titles of those other games, with the members in them.

Searching Friends and the Rider Information dialog
To the right of the messenger button at the bottom right is a magnification glass, with which you can look up the Rider Information dialog of other players.
  • You can enter a name of the friend to search for into the textbox at the top. By default, your name is entered, so you can lookup yourself (wow, selfish!).
  • If you have the friend already in your buddy list in the messenger, select it from the list below instead.
A rider dialog looks like this:
  • The top shows the account information bar again, as you might already recognize all the parts of it.
  • Below the current character image, you see the RP progress to the next level.
  • You can also add a personal custom message to your account which is displayed here. When you show your own information, you see an Edit button at the top right of it to modify the message.
  • The right side shows the VIP level of the player, which is like a loyality-meter to the game. Not everyone displays his points, you can see your own for sure and click the green button to see your details about the VIP level. You can increase it by joining a guild, coupling with someone (see below), do time attacks and pay for content. This is not further discusses in this guide.
The buttons at the bottom are of most interest, especially since you can't do much else here if you're viewing other racers than yourself:
  • If the player is playing and you think his game room has some player slots free, click the left button to try to join it.
  • If you haven't already, add the player as your friend to your buddy list with the second button.
  • You can visit this players garage by clicking the third button.
  • If you want to marry this player (virtually, luckily) and bought a couple card from the shop, request the marriage with the fourth button. If you are married and racing together, you get an additional heart bonus. Cute right?

Click the button smashed into the bottom-right corner to open the game settings.

Let's go through the tabs in that settings popup!

The first tab lets you set up what graphical stuff you see in race, at what quality, and what sounds and music you will hear to it.
  • Quick Quality Setup allows you to quickly choose a configuration preset. Choose low if you have a really, really bad PC, since KartRider isn't really a demanding game anyway (being created in 2004 under DirectX 8 originally).
  • The music settings allow you to disable music in menues and races, which you can also do with the F8 key all the time. The slider to its right controls the volume. KartRider has several different music tracks for each theme, chosen at random at the race start. In 2012, one remix for most themes was made, but depending on the checkbox on the right, you can control if the remix will be played always when available, or the old tracks picked at random will play.
  • You can also disable sounds below that or use the F7 key in the game. The slider controls the volume again. The checkbox enables ground effects, so that you hear if you are driving over grass or stones or ice wherever that has been implemented. You can also change that with F6.
  • The window mode checkbox does not only control if the game should run in a window, it also sets if the game should start in a window from the beginning. You can toggle between fullscreen and window with F11.
  • When racers drive close behind you, a rearview mirror is enabled at the bottom left, displaying them. You can disable that with the checkbox here.
  • When you shoot another driver or he drives over your traps, he is displayed at the top left. You can disable this display here.
  • Characters and Karts have a cartoonish outline in KartRider. If you don't like it or it doesn't work correctly on your graphics card, you can disable it here.
  • Same goes to the shadow. There is a cheap pre-computed shadow under karts.
  • The advanced item effects just add to the "other rider" display, showing some "swoosh" effect when that display comes in.
  • When using an N2O boost, the display will slowly blur at the sides (only bad karts don't do that). You can disable this if you don't like it.
  • The better karts add a refraction effect on top of that, that is, a small wobble like a water drop in the middle of your screen when the boost starts. Again, configure that visibility here.
  • Vertical Sync prevents "teared up" images which might be noticable when this is turned off and you drive around curves. It looks like the screen is broken in half in the middle. Since most computers are powerful enough to handle Vertical Sync for this game, you should keep this on.
Whatever you pick at the bottom, the game tries to give you a preview on the right, though it is not always accurate.

Game Settings
Even if not much, you can configure a few gameplay related things.
  • At the top, you can tick the box to automatically set your character to Ready as soon as you enter a game room. This is useful if you forget it often...
  • You can also let the game display some helpful information on items in the race. Too bad they're in an Asian language...
  • I'm not sure what the third checkbox controls.
  • You can start and stop recording videos of your gameplay with F3. The three checkboxes in a row control the resulting video quality; Good, Normal or Low.
  • Since some time, KartRider offers a (now optional) 2 password authentication. If enabled, you will have to enter a PIN at startup which you can configure here. In case you forgot the PIN, you can store a security question and answer which you have to provide to reset it.

Keyboard & Joystick Control Setup
You can set up your own control scheme for KartRider, either by using the keyboard or a connected joystick. The screens are similar to these:

For each action, you can have two keys. The empty textboxes on the right to each of them allows you to override the ones on the left.
The actions become clear from the default keys, but let me list them here again:
  • Forward / Left / Right / Backwards simply control and steer your kart.
  • Drift initiates sliding around a curve, especially noticable when you drive around curves.
  • You can use the item in the bigger item box at the top left with this key.
  • If you have an item switcher (amount displayed on the top right next to the item slots), use this one to change their order.
  • If you have an item changer (amount displayed aswell), you can use this key to have the chance to replace an existing item with another.
  • Boss items are available in Champions and Battle Mode only. You can use them with the space key once to squash the AI team.
  • In case you get lost, reset your kart back on track with this key. Lakitu on-demand for Mario Kart users. The joystick combines this with the key for readying up in a game room or starting it.
If you have trouble getting your joystick connected, try hitting the Reconnect button on the Joystick tab.

Macro Chat
Normally, you can only chat in the race while it's starting or when you drove through the finish line. In between, chatting is disabled, except for sending some messages with the numerical keys 0-9 which you define here.

There's not much more to say to this. When you're in the race, just press one of the numbers displayed on the left to express the message you added on the right.
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This looks well fleshed out so far. I can honestly say I am excited for the full completion of this!

Gong xi fa ca!
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Nice ! This definitely deserves the pin !
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Finished! Hmm, I'd actually like to put the sections into separate posts under the main post to make them linkable... but for that I'd have to delete both of your guys replies ='D
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Thanks for doing all this!
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