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Old 12-25-2012, 09:37 AM   #1
Ray Koopa 
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Default Brodi's Garage Usage

In this post I will explain how to use the Brodi's Garage which gives you items to tune up your kart. If you need help about the items themselves, have a look at this thread.

After starting the game, you get prompted with a message telling you to interact with Brodi's Garage. You can select one of the following options:
*image gone*
It's always useful to click on the left most button, so the machine generating the garage points ("E") works in the background for you. You will get a message confirming your selected option.

To go to the garage, you have several different ways:
Click on the purple screwdriver icon in the taskbar, the light blue icon on the home desktop or the corresponding item in the Nexon menue.
*image gone*

Inside the garage, you have the following options:
*image gone*

The green button with a red line around it lets you exchange garage points (which the machine generated) with real tuneup items. You can select a specific item category to get a better acceleration or handling or whatever (the icons speak for themselves). You can also select a random category (second entry in the list) or 3 random items at once. Of course you need enough garage points to be able to exchange. The number of needed points is shown in the star at the bottom right of each entry.
*image gone*

The orange button (green circled) lets you configure which items you want to use for tuneup. You can always only select between one item out of each category. The tabs on the right side of the window lets you set the category from which you want to select an item. The first tab shows all items at once. Items with a gray text at the title are ran out and you cannot select them (they only last for some days). Items with a red border around it are already selected for your karts and also appear in the list in the middle.
*image gone*

In the garage screen, you can also start the machine by clicking on the orange button. The progress of an E point generation can be seen in the progress bar below that button. Click on the running machine afterwards to kick it and speed up the generation process a _little_. This will be confirmed with a message and a red border around the machine.

Click on Brodi to get some useful/useless tips about whatever.

Click on Mos to sell him some items you exchanged, but don't need anymore.
*image gone*
He will give you 1 EX for each item you sell him (top option in his speechbubble). Again, there are tabs to sort by category or show them all. He will always laugh (at you) when selling and confirming items. It's kinda annoying.
*image gone*
You can then exchange EX points for a specific item you can choose from his list (bottom option).
*image gone*
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