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Default Your Kart Rider History

I've been forced to think back a couple of times over the last week to the beginning, to when north america kart rider was playable, and I've had trouble remembering a lot of things.

Post stories in this thread about your past, or create a personal kart rider auto-biography. Who told you about kart rider? What are your favorite memories? Who have you known since the beginning? What guilds have you been apart of? How did you get to be here today? What do you miss the most?

We will treat this thread as sort of a history book for the future, how everything got started sort of thing. You can also post stuff you've wanted to get off your back about the past. Feel free to just let yourself go and type out anything that comes to mind when you think of kart rider.

It would be a shame to forget everything that happened, so just write it all down.

Feel free to add any screenshots or videos that are important to you from the past as well

Here's mine:

It all started for me in the month of may in 2007. Closed beta started on May 1st, 2007. Around May 10th, a friend of mine told me about Kart Rider, so I decided to try it out. Now for the story behind my name. Well the friend who told me about it's name in real life is "Alex Waldrop". We all give him shit about it and call him "Alex Ball Drop" just for fun. Well on the day I downloaded it, I forgot what his username was, and I wanted him to be able to find me. So I used the name "AlexBallDrop" so that he would immediately recognize me in game, and I really only thought I would only play kart rider for just a day. Well the bastard game had different plans and got me addicted.

Over the next week or so I would play it for about 2 hours a day, and I would only play item mode. I had a frickin blast. I would get pissed off when the fly would catch me right before crossing the finish line, and would shout with joy when i would capture 3 of the opposing players in one of my water bubbles. I remember talking to my friend at school and telling him how my glove rank was progressing. He asked me what mode I played, I replied "item", and he told me to try speed out, that it was awesome. So that day I did, and I never played item mode ever again. This was around May 20th, so I had about 11 days before closed beta ended. School was out so I played around 4 hours a day, and I remember having the hardest time figuring out how to get the mini boost at the end of a drift. At around day 7, I met a PROTL member and raced with them, I forgot who, I think it was Benson, and they invited me to join the guild. I was ecstatic, because I am an extremely competitive person and jumped at the opportunity to join one of the most elite guilds. I made my name PROTLxALEX because I met a lot of people with the name AlexBallDrop and didn't want people to forget me.

So I spent the next 4 days racing with PROTL, and also blocking some. It was evident from the beginning that my specialty map had become Pyramid Mesa, and I spent a lot of time perfecting my technique in the map, attempting to make myself impossible to beat. Pyramid Mesa had everything. An awesome fun and exciting track to race on, yet also the perfect spots for messing around/blocking. Whenever I wanted to just mess around, I could climb the pyramid or destroy people on the ramp. It was around that time I made this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lvcAyuPkCs. My favorite part in this video is when I got 4 blocks in one lap. So yeah i guess that's what i kinda became known for, blocking and racing on pyramid mesa. Then closed beta ended, and I transitioned into popkart.

Popkart was awesome, but just not the same experience as NAKR. There was obviously the language barrier, and obviously a lot of players were much better then me, having played popkart for so many years prior. I wanted to be the best at whatever I did, and I was not even close in popkart. My favorite maps in single speed were desert construction site and zoomtown highway, and in team it was zoomtown freeway. It was also around this time that many PROTL members started disappearing, including Teddy. In order to hopefully increase activity, I made a record thread for only PROTL members in the middle of June 2007. I did this to increase competitiveness in the forum/guild and add a little fun. I think later on in the summer i opened it to all popkart players. There is still some debate as to who created the first record thread, but I honestly think it was me. I had a great time in popkart, yelling at chinks, perfecting chinks with fellow PROTL members and other friends, and blocking chinks on zoomtown finger. It was around this time I made this video and thought I was pro, lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7aboz99-tw.

Finally, it was announced that on October 2nd, 2007, kart rider open beta would be released. I was ecstatic. Taco and I teamed up to create and manage a record thread on the nexon forums since Nexon was too lazy to actually do anything under the rankings tab on the website. It launched, and I was finally back in my element. Within the first month, there was a contest to win a shirt for pyramid mesa. Top 5 times in time trial for the map recieved a shirt, I wanted the top time. I did it, got the shirt, and a nice postcard from Diz. In order to hopefully share my experience with pyramid mesa with others, I made these two vids:



It was also around this time that Benson made me leader of PROTL because of the absence of Teddy and my efforts to make the clan better. PROTL was soon again regarded as one of the, if not most, elite guilds in NAKR.
Here was a pretty good vid i made with some good racing action by the guild.

I loved being a part of it because everytime i joined a room people would say "Wow a PROTL" or, "Woah, he's in PROTL". What does PROTL mean? I will attempt to explain.

PRO represents us, the members of PROTL, and our goal to become the best we can be, "pros". OTL is supposed to look like someone bowing. O is the head, T is the body and arms, and L is the legs. OTL would represent everyone else not in PROTL bowing to us, the "pros". We combined the two to make "PROTL". PRO OTL. PROTL.

Here's another vid i made a little later explaining a new blocking method for pyramid mesa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2MTWiB21bI

It was around this time that guild LND was created, for no apparent reason, which sucked a number of PROTL members away. Though we still had most of our elite members, some of them went over to LND, and the connection and chemistry that made our guild great was lost. At this point, Benson rarely got on, and the guild started dwindling in numbers. I knew something had to be done. My dream was to have a guild with a few elite players and friends, to just dominate kart rider. I was thinking hard about leaving PROTL and creating a new guild, called Guild SDS, which would consist of only 7 members. SDS would stand for Seven Deadly Sins, and each player would be given the name of one of the sins. SDSxLust, SDSxGluttony, SDSxGreed, SDSxSloth, SDSxWrath, SDSxEnvy, and SDSxPride. I would have been SDSxWrath, and I had 5 elite members chosen, ready to invite them and let them choose which name they wanted. The players i had chosen were Taco, Donut, Rush, Jaguar, and Table. Chicken was on the borderline, I wasn't sure he was serious enough to join a guild like this, he's good when he's not messing around. I would ultimately leave the last one open for application. This plan never unraveled, however, because of uncertainty from a couple of the players I talked to about my idea.

In February of 2008, I got on msn and gathered the leaders of alliance guilds into one msn chatroom, with the exception of benson, who I talked to later and approved of what I was doing. It was a room with arcadia, donut, taco, shugi, rush, and jaguar I believe, and I told them my plan. I proposed combining the alliance guilds into one single guild. Making NPX, A1, and PROTL one. I was still trying to achieve my dream, a super-elite guild with not too many members. This idea would be the closest I would come to creating such a guild. Everyone seemed fine with it, and we came up with a name and made the website. It was around this time that, coincidentally, many of the PROTL forums and sub-forums were deleted. This was NOT by my doing. I used this opportunity to tell the members of PROTL of the plan of combining the three guilds, and invited all of them to join AxC. NPX then backed out immediately, while A1 had already told it's members the plan and I as well, we couldn't do anything to change what had already happened. It ended up being a combination of PROTL and A1, but the guild still ended up being close to what I wanted to be. I still had a blast in the remaining moments of NAKR and, once it closed, anxiously awaited an announcement, a statement, ANYTHING regarding the future of kart rider. I had subscribed to google alerts for the words "nexon" and "kart rider", in a hope to receive any news about it right as it happened.

I went back to Popkart for a good amount of months, and joined team LOL. Popkart was still not the same, and we all missed NAKR terribly. We tried to replicate the conditions of NAKR and race like we would in it. Here is one of our attempts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6nr8NzbX0E

Within the next year, players started drifting away (no pun intended) from popkart, slowly realizing that nakr would never come out, losing hope. We have been let down by Nexon America, and have yet to get an explanation. I continued to play popkart off and on, but it got boring quick. I was incredibly lonely attempting to communicate with the chinese players, and this made the game very boring. I have not lost hope, and I am looking forward to seeing an announcement from nexon in the future. This was a great game and I will continue to wait, refusing to believe that nexon would go back on it's promise. I believe kart rider CAN succeed here in the United States and I think that, eventually, it will. When this does happen you will see me there, first to the start line, and hopefully first to the finish line.
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