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Default 10 golden tips to playing kartrider

1. Get a good kart
Not only does it enhance your gameplay, you won't be called a noob. There are a variety of karts to choose from in the shop, some NX some lucci. You also have more chance of participating in a pros race without getting kicked if you have a low glove rank. IMO, Karts make up 30% of whether you'll win the race. (60% skill and 10% luck). Some karts have item mode benefits, so look for that too.

2.Make friends
Racing with others can be fun, and it can also be a sign of friendship. go further by asking for their msn, QQ etc and socialise even more. This includes joining a guild. The buddy system was made for a reason you know.

3.Don't hack
Hacking isn't fun at all. 1.It makes it unfair for other racers and you will be put down. 2.The hacks might even have a virus or trojan in them and it may infect your computer, and 3. You'll get bored so easily and you'll regret it. 2 words: Don't hack.

4.Useless items stay useless
Don't waste your hard earned cash on something useless, fun or just to show off such as plates or drift marks. No one focuses on plates and no one but you can see your drift marks. If you want you can buy fun items, but i don't recommend it unless you are rich.

5.Don't swear or harrass people
It is important not to insult or harrass other racers( f*ck you, sh** a**hole) simply because they are cheating,blocking or being a compete idiot. Just leave the room and join another one. You probably won't see them ever again. If you win the race you may also kick them, but please keep the insults to a minimum.

Practise makes perfect
Time attack,story mode license tests are always available so you can practise your drifting ability. Story mode gives cool rewards too such as RP, Lucci and race gear.There are plenty of scenarios and maps to choose from. Watching some pro kartrider videos on youtube is also a way to learn.

7. Item mode is fun too
Don't stick to one mode just because you're good at it, it will eventually get boring, plus the goggles and headbands will just expire and go to waste anyway, so why not put it to use?
There's actually 4+ modes which use items, so don't be afraid to try all of them.

8.Don't block either
Blocking ruins the game nearly as much as hacking, just don't do it. Of course its funny, but there's an 80% chance you'll be harrassed and kicked. You may think its funny, but you wouldn't like a blocker getting in your way either. It pisses people off, even your own teammates since it's useless and you won't get perfect.

9.Try new things
Don't be afraid to buy a new kart. Every type is good in some way. Just stick to a better version of what you've used before and it will suit you perfectly. Your first choice may be difficult, as you cannot refund bought items. But other than that, I only recommend PRO and SR type karts, since anything lower will most likely lose in pro servers.

10.Have fun
Kartrider was designed to make people enjoy it. The worst thing you can do in kartrider is get angry and play bad. If you get blocked, stay calm and take a deep breath and keep going, you may even get to your position again. Once i got flipped 3 times and had a blocker hit me twice. I retired, but my team still won. Having fun is what kartrider is all about.

Thanks for reading
Comments please
ill never forget kartrider
google is your friend

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