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Default The BnB References Topic

Before KartRider, there was a little Bomberman-type game called Bombs N' Bubbles (or BnB for short), featuring Dao, Diz, Mos, Brill, Maridia, Chunk, Uni, Bazzi,Lodumani and Santa as playable characters. The game is also known as "Crazy Arcade".

Lodumani and Santa are only available through the Random Character button. Also, as you can see, all eight of the selectable colors on this waiting room screen were recreated as spraypaints in KartRider, though changing your color in BnB is free and also defines teams.

The objective of this game was to trap everyone on the opposing team (or just everyone else if team mode isn't used) in bubbles using large water balloons called Water Bombs. To score a point, you must touch a character trapped in a bubble. If the player is hostile, they die and are out for the rest of the round. If the player is a teammate, you free them. Even if you don't touch a bubble, it will eventually become more and more opaque, eventually popping on its own and killing whoever was inside. Though this did not give you any points.

This topic will explain the connections between BnB and KartRider.

As with KartRider, there are different themes. The Japanese version of BnB (the one I play) only has a few because it's in beta.

Boomhill Village (Zoomtown), which looks more like Legoland

Floopy/Frenzy Forest

Icerion Land (Arctic Rim), which becomes Christmas decorated in December

The Mystpole Factory

And the Pirate theme. The monsters here are from Monster-fighting mode.


The Water Bomb. In BnB, you lay these on the ground and after a short time they explode in a cross-shaped pattern, destroying blocks and trapping players in bubbles if they're caught. The explosion range can be increased by picking up vials of water, and you can lay more than one by picking up a water balloon item. Brill and Maridia start rounds with the ability to lay two bombs at once, Chunk and Uni have extra range added to their explosions, and Lodumani and Santa have both abilities at once.

In KartRider, the Water Bomb is shot out and explodes a good distance up the road. This explosion is spherical and players are only trapped for a short time, instead of until they die.

The UFO. In BnB, the UFO is a vehicle you drive. When you pick one up, you begin riding it. Most of the time, the UFO is fast and can travel over destructible blocks that haven't been destroyed. But sometimes the UFO malfunctions and is slow and can only travel on open ground. Both types protect you from an explosion once.

In KartRider, the UFO slows down the guy in first place. A drastic change. Taki's UFO kart could also have been inspired by the riding portion of the item.

The Timed Water Bomb. In BnB, picking up a timer like this would give you the ability to lay remote-detonated water bombs. It doesn't make any sense, but that's what it does.

In KartRider, the Time Bomb is activated and eventually explodes on the player that uses it. You know how it works.

The Devil. In BnB, there are two kinds of Devil pickups: Purple and Red. Purple Devils are bad and give a variety of bad status effects to the player that picks it up, including the continuous laying of bombs and the reversal of your controls. Red Devils, however, have good effects, including maxing out your water bombs' explosion range and maxing out your supply of bombs.

In KartRider, there's only Red Devils, but they reverse the steering of all enemy players, making it more like the Purple Devil in BnB.

The Ghost. In BnB, picking up a Ghost would make your character nearly invisible to all other players. Your bombs are still visible, however. Other than making you hard to see, the Ghost does nothing else.

In KartRider, the Ghost is only available in Flag Mode and it does the same thing as in BnB, though the fast and three-dimensional nature of KartRider makes it nearly impossible to see you.


Turtle E2. Like with the UFO, the turtle in BnB is ridable. Most of the time you'll get a slow-moving turtle whose only use comes from its ability to shield you once. Sometimes, however, you'll get an orange-shelled turtle with an eye patch, which greatly increases your speed. The Turtle E2 kart doesn't have an eye patch, but it's fast anyway.

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