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Default [License] L1 Test

This is the officially unofficial L1 License Guide. Copy-pasting the template from my L2 topic

Requirements for L1 Testing are as follows:
- Are at least at a Red-5 Glove (28700 RP)
- You have acquired the L2 License
- At least 2000 or so Lucci (probably more)
- Played the game for at least 4,800 minutes [80 hours], or have finished first in at least 16% of all the races you have played.
- Gotten under specific times for a few Speed tracks in Time Attack mode.

Objective: Get to the end of the track.
Time Limit: 42 seconds

A fairly standard testing course. If you fall off the side, you fail the test and must start over. As you enter the first set of hairpin turns, you will be afflicted with a Demon, so remember to reverse your steering. Eventually you'll come across a bunch of traffic cones. Once again you are afflicted with a Demon, and you must dodge the said cones. At the end of that, you must boost off a ramp to make it to the next area. Here, a black cloud will block your vision up the road. Boost again to make it up the steep hill and keep driving and you'll get it...

Objective: Help Dizni finish before Lodumani and Tutu do, on Town Fingers.
Time Limit: 40 seconds.

The two pirates will cheat by leaving the starting line at "2", forcing Dizni to do the same. You must collect item boxes to win. Your first item box is in the road, and contains a Water Bomb. Save it. The next box is in a shortcut and has an Angel. Fire off the bomb and then use the angel. The pirates will be trapped, but Dizni will escape unscathed. Your next three boxes all contain missiles. Unfortunately, they have balloons this time around and firing on them will only spin them out for a second. Be careful not to shoot Diz.

Another note: Stay out of the center of the track. The Lodumanis will lay land mines behind them, and hitting one could be the end of your test.

Objective: Reach the finish line in the time limit
Time Limit: 37 seconds

This is a tough one. Boost panels on the track will help you get to the end quicker, but may send you flying off the track. Remember that letting go of the accelerator will cancel any boost. After several Boost panels, you'll come across a Jump panel. You must drift into this from the side in order for it to fling you across the gap and for you to land in the right direction. After a few more boost panels, you'll need to nitrous your way across another ramp.

-- TEST #4: SLOLAM --
Objective: Make your way through the checkpoints on an edited version of Icerionland's Ski Resort
Time Limit: 55 seconds

Another tough one. You must make your way down the hill while passing through every arch there. An arrow will point you in the right direction, but missing one could be disastrous. Eventually, you'll come across a halfpipe-like area not normally present in the regular track. You must stay on it and boost off another ramp, as well as make it to a slightly lower piece of pipe. After that is smooth sailing.

Objective: Complete one lap on Mystpole's Incomplete Sector Five track.
Time Limit: 1 minute, 50 seconds

Wow. Just wow. I'll get back to you on this one. All you need to know is that this is a Speed mode map, so try practicing on it when we get it.

Rewards For completing the Test are...:
- L1 Drivers' License
- L1 Practice Kart
- Access to the L1 Channel and Courses

You also get...:
- Reduced Bonuses in L2 games, increased reductions in L3 games, and you pretty much forfeit your bonus in Rookie games.

The L1 license only lasts a short time, requiring you to take the test over when it runs out. Or, you can alternatively take a different test to give you a permanent L1 License

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