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Smile Kartrider Item mode guide

In, kartrider there are several modes of play.I will explain each of them.

Item mode:In item mode, there are usually 4-8 item boxes floating on the track as you race.When you run in to them, you will recieve a random item depending on your current position in the race.

Single and team items

Shield(1st only) will block one attack coming from another racer.Can also block banana peels and spring traps.Lasts for 2 seconds.Found in flag mode.

Cloud/Smokescreen(1st only) a cloud will be thrown behind the racer.racers cannot see through the cloud however disappears when several racers passes through it.Players can buy goggles that can see through clouds.(PK and KKR).

Banana peel(1st only) When people drive on this they will slip and spin.Disappears after a certain time.

Spring trap(1st only)When people drive on this they will be pulled backwards.

Rocket/missile(2nd-5th)Launches a missile at the target.The racer will be blown to the sky.Balloons and pets can be bought to block missiles(PK and KKR)Found in flag mode

Nitrous boost(2nd-8th)Gives a 4 second boost that allows the racer to travel +40kph speed.Needed for making shortcuts in some maps.There is a 100% chance that the racer will receive this item if they are too far away from the race leader.

Fly bomb/wasp(2nd-8th)Sends a fly bomb attacking the racer 1 position in front of you.In team, it attacks the nearest enemy ahead of you.They are trapped for one second.

Magnet(2nd-8th)Can be used to magnet another player.Can go up to speeds of 3xxkph.Found in flag mode

Water bomb(2nd-8th) Throws a water bomb ahead of you.Lasts for 1.5 seconds.Racers who come in contact with it will be trapped for 3 seconds.If you press left and right repeatedly, you will be trapped for 2 seconds.

UFO(2nd-5th)When used, it will slow down the race leader by halving his/her speed for 4 seconds.

UFO Mothership(2nd-5th)When used, it will slow down the race leader and racers within a small area of the race leader by halving their speed for 4 seconds also not affected by anti ufos.Found only in Northeu maps.

Devil(5th-8th)Reverses the left and right arrow keys of racers and enemies for 5 seconds.Found in flag mode.

Team items only

Halo/angel(5th-8th)Protects the whole team from all attacks for 4 seconds.Found in flag mode.

Suicide timed water bomb(2nd-5th) When used, there will be a 2 second time limit before it explodes and traps all nearby racers for 2 seconds.

Ufo zapper/anti Ufo(2nd-8th) stops the ufo attacking your teammate.

Flag mode only items

Rolling water bomb-a water bomb that rolls around and explodes after 3 seconds.

Invisibility-Makes you invisible for 10 seconds.

Super shield-Basically a shield and a nitrous boost as one item.

Mine-Any racer who drives over this will explode into the air like a missile attack.If someone is driving a crazy jalopy R4 kart it will replace banana peels with this.

5 missile set-5 missiles in one item box.

Other items

Piggy,panda,dragon,tortoise etc Nitrous boost-Basically the blue N2O in team speed mode.

Ice bomb-Bigger than a water bomb.Player will be trapped for longer too.

Poisonous bomb-Players who come in contact with this will be trapped for 3 seconds and will lose all their held items.I Players cannot pick up items for a certain amount of time.When driving the skywalker R4 it will replace water bombs with this.

Black cloud-A black cloud will be placed on the track.Players with goggles cannot see through it.When driving octopus kart E2 replaces clouds with this.


In team item mode a team can get perfect if no team members retire and are placed 1st,2nd,3rd,4th depending on the number of players in your team.If you get perfect with 4 players in your team, you will receive 75 lucci and 25 rp.

Leave a comment if you liked this guide!

Speed mode guide coming soon

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