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Default Types of Drifting Guide

This is not my guide.
This is Zdashers guide from the Nexon forums
This guide helped me when I first started to learn advanced drifts.

Normal Boost (basic drift skill)

Description: this is the very first lesson of drifting skills you need to learn, so i highly recommend you to master his skill first before starting any other drifts.

How To Do
step 1.↑→+shift (opposite direction when you drift to left side, this is for all drifts)
step 2. ↑← (hold the buttons so that your kart pulls back on the route)
step 3. right after your drift is almost finished. press ↑

If you did this correctly, you should have a short boost after your drift.

Missile Boost

Description: this boost is not a skill, its just for Item mode.

How To Do
When you get hit by a missile, immediately press ↑ when you land

Description: this type of drift is the clone of the normal boost, basically, instead of 1 normal boost, you'll have 2 boost instead. Your Boost Gauge will also be doubled.

How To Do

Step 1.↑→+shift
Step 2. ↑←
Step 3. This is where 2xBoost gets hard. Press →+shift right after your Kart head turns to the right position
Step 3.5. press ↑← right after step 3, you should see your kart have the first boost
step 4. ↑ , this is your second boost.
Note* many people gets messed up in the step 3 and 3.5. most is because they do it too fast or too slow, in my opinion, step 3 and 3.5 should entirely take about .5 sec

3xBoost/4xBoost (Multiple Boost)

Description: yes, you can boost as many times as you like. But doing this is not easy, it will take very long to practice, the entire meaning of 3xBoost and so on is just adding 2 steps to the 2xBoost.

How To Do
When you up to Step 3.5 in 2xBoost, instead of press ↑ on step 4, you do the following

Step 4. →+shift
Step 5. ↑← ( these are the steps you need to add in order to continue boosting)
Step 6.↑ (step 6 is and end to 3xBoost and so on)

If you want to do more boost this is what you need to do.

↑← <------this is double
↑← <------this is triple
↑← <------this is quadruple
↑ <-------Finished. plus this one, this is 5xBoost

Link Drift

Description: this drift skill is same as Multiple Boost, just a little faster.

How To Do
Step 1. ↑→shift   
Step 2. ↑←   
Step 3. → shift
Step 4. ← 
Step 5. ↑  
Step 6. ↑
Note* you shouldn't have much trouble with this skill since you've mastered Multiple Boost


Cutting drift

Description: This Type of drift can be helpful to certain corners and turns in a map.

Step 1. ↑→shift
Step 2. ↑←
Step 3. ↑←shift
Step 4. ↑

Mirror Drift

Description: this is fun way to drift, it is rumored that this drift can get out of any turns. but the cost of that is to slow you down

How To Do
Step 1.Press "→+shift" until you turn back. (unlike other drifts, hold shift a little longer so it turns you back)
Step 2.press "↓" for a little time
Step 3.press "←+shift" until you turn back again.

Credits go to Zdasher from the Nexon forums.
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