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Originally Posted by Kenoz View Post
Is TEAM LOL still active?
Semi-active, we play together once in a while. If you add me on MSN ( I'll add you to conversations ever time I try to get people on popkart.

And stephen, I read the entire thing. Your story is sad like the majority of ours. Mine isn't sad for as many reasons, but rather because of howmany friends I have made who have quit and I've lost touch with over the past few years.

My story:
I started KartRider in the middle of the month it came out (May, I think?). A couple of RL friends were playing the game, and a friend of mine from MapleStory encouraged me to play it. I soon met Shugi and Chicken, and joined Shugi's guild NPX. I remember one date where we played with people like Glokkz and Benson and some other NPX and PROTL members; it was pretty fun. Unfortunately, closed beta soon ended, but luckily, Shugi already had a Popkart account and made one for me as well, and that's when my first Popkart summer began.

I remember playing Frenzy Forest Zigzag with Shugi and Chicken for the first time and getting retired. Fun stuff. Didn't know it'd be my favorite map. I also remember beastie/moomoo and how he told me that Donut was really good. And I also remember getting into one of Table's games randomly without trying. I also remember how I learned to combo boost; it was on that halloween map with the glitch where you can go down in an open area, and I pretty much tried for like an hour and finally got it. Or maybe that was double boost. Yeah, double boost, nvm. Dunno. It was a fun summer; a lot of us became really good over those few months of Popkart. I made two videos during this time period (pretty noob videos but w.e, beginning of my video-making).

Soon later (NOT) Open Beta came out, and we were allowed to play with a lot of Americans again. Retiring noobs was fun and the competition was awesome. I started getting extremely good, getting some great records. Since the leaders and many members from NPX, PROTL, and A1 had played together in Popkart during the previous summer, we decided to combine our guilds into one Alliance. Soon later, Alex and I worked together to create a record thread on Nexon forums. But Nexon forums lost their edit button, so I moved it to KRExtreme forums.

A few weeks before Open Beta closed, I achieved my greatest KartRider acheivement yet, hitting 3:00:80 on Frenzy Forest Zigzag, my favorite map, with a practice kart. This took a lot of work, but it was worth getting the #1 time. In March, Open Beta closed, and we moved back to Popkart, this time, with a lot more people. The guild LOL was opened for Popkart server 3, and I occasionally also played with Okiesmokie’s Eminent guild on KKR. After a few months though, I would lose all desire to play a game, and in July, I quit. I occasionally went to KR forums over the next year, but didn’t touch the game at all, hoping for NAKR’s return. I played Combat Arms instead during this period, anxiously waiting for any word from Nexon, but none was received. In June of the next summer, I again played Popkart for the first time over a year with my LOL friends, and found out I really hadn’t lost much skill, and I actually linked several times. Here I am, waiting once again.

PK: ElDiablo
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