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Lightbulb Kartrider Helper/cleric guide.

Like the ones in maplestory.Team item only.

There are 3 jobs in Kartrider.

clerics guarantee the other team does not get perfect, but neither do your team.

ok this is how to be a cleric.Once the race starts, go to a line of item boxes and start going forwards and backwards through them.You will get several items including:magnets,nitrous boosts,Water bombs,missiles(i think),fly bombs,anti ufos,halos and devils.

As you collect heaps of items, start using them.Devils and halos: don't use too quickly.You will gain heaps of halos and this is will protect your team for 4 seconds each.In the meantime, you get heaps of fly bombs.Because fly bombs need no aiming, it attacks the closest person of the other team ahead of you.This will keep that person last till the end of the race.

Pretty soon you will recieve nitrous boosts in every box you get.This is because you are too far away from the person in 1st place.Use those boosts, run into more boxes and repeat.Pretty soon before the race ends, some people might have beaten you by one lap.If the person in the 1st place has, you can bet you will get n2o boosts till the race ends, so you might wanna block.Just run into them like bumper cars.It also helps since the other team's people wastes their missiles on you.Pretty soon the race will end and your team will have a high chance of winning.You can bet the other team won't get perfect cause of your fly bombs.

Clerics are now in Kartrider!
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