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Default Pressing Down When Using a Magnet

You can press down when magneting someone to roughly match his maximum speed when you're behind him. This can be useful when you magnet someone at close range and you simply want to pass him without slowing down. For example:

-Magnet and hold down for the first couple of seconds and then press up to accelerate and pass just as the magent expires. The slingshot will give you the lead.

-Magent and then use a water bomb (not the self bomb). Accelerate just before the water bomb finishes (this takes a little practice, and it helps to have the penguin as a pet).

-When you're holding 2 magents at the end of a race, you can use 1 early for a psychological effect. Sometimes, the leader will panic and hit a wall, which means that you don't even have to use the second magent. Or the leader will assume that you must have been hit and will not expect the second magnet.

Jump ahead to 1:00 on this video to see an example where holding down is a much better idea than holding up.
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