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Originally Posted by xbizzle
Originally Posted by Manj
Originally Posted by Ebits21
Originally Posted by Goliath450
But gold still seems fun =D even for the rookies. L3 is cash only right?
Nope L3 is free, and L2 and L1....
You pay for better Karts and other accessories.... but you can still get up to a marathon pro with lucci (although i'd pay cash if I could for a diff. kart).
Marathon PRO is an okay kart, though I cant say that it's cheap: 30k Lucci/month, and I cant make that much in a month (in Popkart) to keep renewing the purchase. But it's pretty decent for those who can't use TianCity points.
i agree, is this the best kart we can get using lucci (as of right now) ?
Yes, and instead of saying it's an ok kart, I gave this kart another try and I like it a lot better than I did last time. This is probably the most popular kart in Popkart at the moment. Also, in one of the KKR shop tour videos, I saw that Marathon PRO was a NX item. :shock:
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