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Originally Posted by InterNational
Originally Posted by Manj
Nope, these were items I obtained as soon as I logged on that day. Everyone else gets the same items too during that day.

Also, thanks Rajesh.
I didn't... :x
Everything except plates have a use.

Headbands - Chance of warding off UFOs
Goggles - Make clouds transparent
Balloons - Chance of resisting missiles
Batons - RP or Lucci bonus at the end of a race
Pets - Chance of blocking missiles
Hmm.. interesting. I should have used them in the item scenario quests... *Shudders at the thought of item-based scenarios*
Were you already registered in Popkart at that given time? Because for items like the headband and balloons, I saw plenty of people wearing that same item too. I didn't do any quests to obtain it.
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