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Default License Data

Here is Data for the available license


Novice License
RP of 0
White Glove

Rookie License
RP of 0
Yellow Glove
Able to go into Rookie Channels

L3 License
RP of 4900
Green Glove
Able to go into L3 Channels

L2 License
RP of 13300
Blue Glove
Able to go into L2 Channels

L1 License
RP of 28700
Red Glove
Able to go into L1 Channels

P License
RP of ?
? Glove
This license is still under development
If anyone is wondering what other requirements there are to get into L1:

Just in case you guys didn't know and for future reference, this is a L1 license guide I made before. Enjoy and hope it helps in the near future. To actually see how the tracks are played, youtube has the L1 license videos.

L1 License is pretty weird to get. You need the following items:

1. Master of Kart Emblem.
- To get the Master of Kart emblem, you need to get the "Winner," emblem.

- To get the "Winner," emblem you need...
1. Total #1 placement wins at 16% or a total playtime of 4800 min.
2. Total RP of 49000
3. L3 license.
4. At least a week into your account.

Now that you have the "Winners," emblem, you can now get the Master of Kart emblem. The rest of the items are needed for you to get the Master of Kart emblem and the "Winners," emblem was just one piece of it.

1. Red Glove.
2. Winners Emblem (up above)
3. Zerostone Mine Downhill time attack record of 1:35
4. Forest ZigZag time attack record of 2:45
5. Desert (Rotating desert site) time attack record of 2:35
6. Zoomtown Town Fingers time attack record of 1:39.

[Note: The times have to be done in L3 time attack mode.]

So now you have fulfilled all your prerequisites in order for you to go and take on the actual L1 license challenge. Hope this helped for those that play in Korea Kart Rider or for future reference for our own North American version of Kart Rider.

P.S: Also the license is valid for only 30 days and in order to renew your license, you have to test out again.
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