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Originally Posted by Kallibur
lmao.... dont worry yourselves, i guarantee you. By Late FEB early March, KR will become official... & we'll have all the nice tracks & shit.
I doubt the full version will be out by March. (April/May, probly, maybe summer)

Also, the tracks..... well.... I don't know I wasnt here for the full release of popkart, but to me it seems that tracks will still keep being release gradually..... not all at once.

(Cuz n3x0n p3opl3 r gr33dy b4st4rds 4nd w4nn4 g3t m0r3 p30pl3 1nv0lv3d s0 th3y buy n3x0n c4sh s0 n3x0n m4k3s m0n3y) ...

Cuz nexon people are greedy bastards and want to get more people involved so they buy nexon cash so nexon makes money =)

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