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Default 1st Annual SRT Tournament; OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!!

Hello and welcome to the Shadow Racing Team Guild website! I (ErikShadow) am introducing a huge tournament coming soon! There will be a maximum of 64 PLAYERS available to the tournament, for this is expected to be huge. Here's how it will work:

1. There are gonna be 16 groups of 4 racers.
2. From there, those groups are broken down into four conferences
3. The winner of each group will will advance to the semi-final of their conference. This means each conference will have 2 semi-final matches in a format play of One against One
4. The winners of each conference face off in the final race.
5. GRAND PRIZE: There's only one winner, so theres gonna be a grand prize of 7,000 - 10,000 LUCCI!!!**. (Will decide later)

If we dont get enough participants, then the tournament will break down a bit to manage. There will soon be a website for all the details on the tournament; will update this post to tell. If you want to apply, just post your application down here. the app should contain the following:

1. Your IGN (in game name)
2. EXP points
3. Level/Glove

SRT Gild

UPDATE: The website is
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