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Default Hey guys. There are some errors in the 2.0 flag mode.

We found that There are 3 significant problmes in flag mode and that makes it difficult to play.

1. Cant score goal. When we bring flag to the circle, score does not count and flag dissapears.

2. There is no remaining time but game never ends. Cant move kart, should turn off game and turn on again.

3. When we use booster or magnetic items, other people' game stops and go out from game immediately(we found it by recording video, itnis about 0.5 s.)it just occurs when someone pushes item button. And people who were pushed out from game can see the message: microsoft visual c ++
This problem seems to be appeared about 2 days ago, after the server was shut down once.

Wish these problemes to be fixed on the next patch.

Always cheer you guys for doing this amazing project.
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