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Default cant play flag mode in kartrider 2.0

this flag mode in kartrider is amazing and contains thoughtful concepts. it is like our life, continuation of choices. i uploaded many flag videos on youtube. here is one example. I want to you to try to watch this wonderful game. you can search (플래그전 bobbydylan) on youtube and go to my channel.

Unfortunately, with lack of marketing, this great game got not popular and game company erased this mode from kartrider. there were quite a lot of flag users in china and korea. But now, only our memories with game left. the game that were grown with us for 10 years were gone.

And fortunately, i found your kartrider 2.0 and found that it has flag mode. but when we played it, there was bug that we could not score and the game never ends.
I am dare to ask you to please activate flag mode in your game. We will thank you forever and ever until we die. You can save these poor people who lost their memory .
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