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Ok, I found the item descriptions, and I can say that...

Dinosaur Egg Rocket (a.k.a. Dino Egg Rocket)
Same as Golden Rocket, i.e. a rocket that cannot be blocked by balloons.

Block Rocket
Same as Electromagnetic Rocket, i.e. a rocket that generates an electromagnetic blast that blocks the target and slows down those that are nearby. It's just bigger and more intimidating when you are the prey...
(and in case you were wondering, yes, it is the rocket featured in the introduction of the NEMO theme, this is where the "Block" in the name comes from)

By the way, the Electromagnetic Rocket is also known as Lockdown Rocket, which is a pretty name as well...

Also, some news: the Spring Mine, the Oil Spill and the Pixie Dust returned in KKR!

Finally, judging by their appearance, I have a few more items of which I only have the official description which has been associated to the most likely image (so no hard evidence, just a guess):

Chase Rocket
A rocket that chases the opponent and cannot be blocked. I wonder if this means that you don't have to aim it...

Candy Rocket
The description is the same as that of the rocket, so it works with manual aiming and doesn't seem to have notable special effects.

Siren Shield
A Siren, with a Shield. Really, the description doesn't much more, and effectively there isn't probably much more to say...

Nobody knows what item will come out...

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