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Originally Posted by DaFlameking View Post
Welcome, welcome! Glad to have you here and glad that PacMani invited you. A fellow racer no matter from which game is still considered part of our "extended family".

As varied as KartRider may seem, it has had its share of problems breaking through the main stream audience which Mario Kart has no trouble with.

What wikis in specific are you vested in (I'll let you shameless plug this one time )
Thanks! I'm currently working on the Super Mario Wiki, where I also report the actual in-game stats and actual item probability in the various Mario Kart games.

Originally Posted by Nova View Post
Hi Mister Wu! Pacmani is a genius for bringing people over form the MK community! DaFlameKing is also right about the mainstream thing with KartRider, but be rest assured that SOMEDAY a PC-driven racing game similar to Mario Kart/KartRider will be released that will break open those doors. The tourneys in Korea already show that an e-Sport would work, Mario Kart's fame shows that the casual side can be done, which means the remaining thing is how to keep the hardcore players interested like League, Overwatch, etc.

Thank you again, and have fun!

P.S.: You can add me on Kart (USAlNova or USA1Keng). Thanks again!
Thanks! Actually, i already have you added, but this is a more complex matter that we'll discuss with PacMani!

Also, sorry if I don't write much about a comparison of Kartrider with Mario Kart for now, there would be a lot to write about!
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