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Originally Posted by Nova View Post

Team 1 > Team 2 : 2-0 [7-6 ; 7-1]

Team #1 - WheelieRider, Uchiha, Keng

Team #2 - Slick, Nova, Okiesmokie

Video Proof: [Sorry for the low quality. I lowered the quality of my OBS earlier to test some stuff out & forgot to change it back. Next time it will be much better! Thanks!]

This was fun! GGs guys! I may do this again, so be ready for another! Thank you!
You really need some letterboxing, stretched 4:3 resolution looks so bad. No idea how you can play like that :P

Originally Posted by amjenger View Post
is the geforce video card downloadable or buyable? or both? i don't get it, i downloaded 16MG ATI Rage 128 Ultra last time, does this mean i can't get the Geforce2 MX Gefpre 6200 or higher?
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