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Originally Posted by DaFlameking View Post
Driving games is a very small niche. If you look at Mario Kart, they have a very vocal fanbase, but while that vocal fanbase you might notice in a lot of places, is small. I play Forza games (Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport) and there is also a bigger than Mario Kart fanbase and community for that but even that series in terms of the gaming community, that % is small.

KartRider falls into the casual arcade racer genre. The casual audience will most likely play Item mode instead of Speed mode because it is more of a fun party race filled with random action. The only way Nexon brings this back solely relies on Item mode because those players are more likely to spend money on microtransactions which is what they are aiming to make a profit on.
Yeah, I agree! That's why the implementation of item into the KR league was a pretty good idea. I think if item was taken more seriously, kart could be bigger in the next iteration of NAKR - if it happens!
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