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Nice guide! Didn't realize there were so many items!

I know that the snowflake item can only be used by the snowman kart (눈사람). The item is deployed similar to the missile item by holding down the ctrl button in order to bring up the targeting system. Once the target turns red, you release ctrl button and the item is fired. The effect of the item is that it decreases the size of the targeted driver, which dramatically decreases the speed. It is a very potent item due to the fact that it *cannot* be blocked by any defensive items. Because of this, you can often be kicked out of item rooms if you're riding the snowman kart.

Also, the golden magnet item is the same as the magnet item except that it gives a shield status for the duration of the magnet.

Lastly, the claw item (third from the last on your list) is an item that can only be used by the Wolverine kart. The item works in the same way as the missile. The effect of the item is that it slows down the target. It can be blocked by a shield item.
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