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@ Okie: A friend & I tried non-infinite N2O before choosing the mode on which we were gonna be making standard, & it's just grueling man, haha . I actually was against infinite N2O at first too, believing it to be easier than infinite, but it turned out that infinite is just so much easier + less grueling to play & watch .

@ Don: hehe, you'll see this Friday

@ Mandu: Trust me when I tell you, the standard kart for Speed should be practice kart pros . Not only does everybody have access to them + they cannot be enhanced, but the skill gap closes tremendously when you do so. Anything faster & there will be absolute blowouts that will make everything less fun since the game has been out for so long & many of us started at different times.

In general - even though after testing it out practice karts will likely be the standard - there will be tourneys I've already come up with over the coming months that will be played with faster karts. There is still a ton of skill involved & it is much easier to train & become good @ these standards than others where speed raises the skill gap .
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