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Originally Posted by PacMani View Post
It would probably be better to work together, he can need some help (and I'm out of free time).
KKR is a bit of a dead-end. csproj got shutdown because Nexon Korea wasn't too happy to see a private server running about, if I'm not mistaken. And that small beta server only garnered a marginal amount of attention, so you can bet that further development and excitement would definitely be shutdown by Nexon Korea.

In North America, on the other hand, nobody is publishing Kart Rider. This means Nexon America doesn't have as much reason to go after somebody developing a Kart Rider server, and it limits the power of their Korean HQ because we wouldn't be using their client. The North American client is also much further behind the Korean one, so it is not as much of a threat to the official Korean server's population (and income).

There are other benefits to working with the NA client as well. For one, by being further behind, there simply aren't as many features that need to be coded, so it's easier to make it feel "complete". Secondly, any server development is likely to get translated into English anyway in order to gain the most attention; this step can obviously be skipped altogether if the client is already in English. (And modifying client files is more dangerous legally-speaking, so if you can avoid that altogether that's another plus.)

@Fraysa: My offer is still open, and I'm not working on anything right now so I've been looking for something to get behind. Let me know if you need some help.
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