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Originally Posted by tjdans7236 View Post
Cymon, where did you find that?

Anyways, with that specification, I guess I don't have a case here...

Wow that just makes me hate Nexon even more. Why the fucking fuck would any reasonable human being be so pointlessly inconsistent? The pool balls and the 네오 보석 from the previous events are still fucking here. What the fuck you money eating cunt.
To be fair, the Neo Jewels were still there, but you could not use them after the event period. I also got fucked by that. I wasn't paying attention to when the event ended and also lost all of my candies :(

Originally Posted by amjenger View Post
is the geforce video card downloadable or buyable? or both? i don't get it, i downloaded 16MG ATI Rage 128 Ultra last time, does this mean i can't get the Geforce2 MX Gefpre 6200 or higher?
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