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Default PopKart Registration Guide 2016 (defunct!)

This guide does not work anymore. Since 2017, the Chinese government forced mobile phone validation, so unless you own a Chinese Mobile Phone number on which you can receive a confirmation mail, you can no longer register for new PopKart accounts.

The original guide follows.

I decided to update the 8 (!) year old registration guide of Manj with some more recent screenshots and instructions.
  1. Go to the registration page in Internet Explorer.
    If you do not use Internet Explorer, the registration attempts fail with nonsense errors.
  2. Fill out the form as follows:
    • Account Name: This is the username you use to login to PopKart later on. It is not the final PopKart character name! It consists of 4-16 lowercase latin letters and numbers and does not start with a number.
    • Password: This is the password you use to login to PopKart later on. It consists of 6-20 lower- or uppercase latin letters, and at least one number or one of the symbols ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + = -
    • Confirm Password: Just re-type the password you previously chose.
    • Real Name: This requires a chinese name. It is good enough to just copy random chinese characters from the website into that box.
    • Chinese Passport ID: This requires a chinese passport ID. Just copy in the following one: 486268198802140611
    • Captcha: Just type down the 4 letters shown to the right.
  3. After that, just click the green button at the bottom. If you did everything correctly, you will see the following page. You do not have to do anything here.
  4. In any browser, go to the download page. There, click the top, big download button to download the full setup.
  5. Just install the game by clicking through the setup. When it starts, fill out the login window form:
    • Server 1-4: This is the server you will play on. You can always change it later, but your stats are kept separate on each server, so you basically have 4 PopKart accounts starting from scratch, one on each server. Players from different servers cannot play together, you have to be logged in on the same one, so you might want to look up where your buddies play.
    • Account name and password: Just enter those in the textboxes in the middle.
    • Remember Login: You probably want to check this to let the game remember your account name. You still have to type your password again every time.
  6. Click the "Game Start" button. A simple maths question will pop up, waiting to be answered to allow the login. If you cannot read it due to it containing chinese characters, just retry, at some time, latin numbers and math operators will pop up. If you solved it, click the left button.
  7. The game now starts, and probably has to patch first. Let it do that, after that, re-login and start the game - PopKart should open to the character creation screen.

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