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Originally Posted by Rekisen View Post
Ok thanks. So I ended up getting a permanent kart yesterday, I think from the event. I tried to combine it with my other +1 kart, but the upgrade failed and it gave me a capsule that gave me three more karts. One of them was permanent so I tried to combine again, and it failed again. Same thing, got another permanent kart and it also failed. Is there anything specific that the karts need to be? Like only +1 and +1 can combine or something?

Edit: nvm forgot someone above said it takes multiple tries.

Also the only gear that I can buy with Lucci is the "all" one. Top 200 requires the "c" money,
You can buy the other gears with "Coins" which you can get from event or doing 도전 Time Attack.

Originally Posted by amjenger View Post
is the geforce video card downloadable or buyable? or both? i don't get it, i downloaded 16MG ATI Rage 128 Ultra last time, does this mean i can't get the Geforce2 MX Gefpre 6200 or higher?
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