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Originally Posted by Mandu` View Post
No. Few of them requires coin and as of yesterday they were doing some event where you get 20 coins per event. The event was re-doable everyday and so I racked up about 300 coins. I think there is one gear that you can buy with lucci but is Top 200 Karts that you could potentially get.
Ok thanks. So I ended up getting a permanent kart yesterday, I think from the event. I tried to combine it with my other +1 kart, but the upgrade failed and it gave me a capsule that gave me three more karts. One of them was permanent so I tried to combine again, and it failed again. Same thing, got another permanent kart and it also failed. Is there anything specific that the karts need to be? Like only +1 and +1 can combine or something?

Edit: nvm forgot someone above said it takes multiple tries.

Also the only gear that I can buy with Lucci is the "all" one. Top 200 requires the "c" money,

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