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Originally Posted by Rekisen View Post
But what karts can do this? Not all of them, as I have several karts but it only let me fuse 2 of them
You can only fuse or sacrifice permanent karts.

Edit: I upgraded my Kart to level 3 and it's definitely worth it, if you have a lot of junk karts you can sacrifice. At level 1 you only get 2 stats, but at level 2 you get 3 more, and at level 3 you get 5 more. So you can max a stat at level 3

Originally Posted by amjenger View Post
is the geforce video card downloadable or buyable? or both? i don't get it, i downloaded 16MG ATI Rage 128 Ultra last time, does this mean i can't get the Geforce2 MX Gefpre 6200 or higher?

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