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Originally Posted by Mandu` View Post
You're absolutely correct on most of your points except "Nexon would straight-up lie about bringing the game back if it were really because of the beta's supposed "low numbers."

They WOULD lie straight to your face. That's the perk of being in a huge company.

Also let me preface by saying this is all pure speculation but this has been the trend with a lot of Korean companies. KKR had been in a rapid decline in Korea by the time the game was in beta test here in NAKR. The peak for KKR was between 2004 to 2007/08. Game companies know that after once they reached their peak their next attempt is to hoard money from the players. Look at NtreevSoft Pangya, Maplestory, Talesweaver and that one tennis game.

A lot of people on other forums were saying it's the infrastructure of America and that it doesn't support T3 speed internet. Look at China, Russia and other countries that are as big as America. It isn't the infrastructure, they just didn't see it as a profitable market.
You know what...I actually agree! They WOULD straight up-lie to our faces, LOL! I definitely agree that I was wrong when I said that. I forgot this is Nexon we're talking about. There's plenty of other companies that would do that, but obviously thinking they wouldn't is a farce.

You're also correct with those 2004-2007 numbers. KartRider was actually one of the top games in all of Korea during that time period ( & I've always wondered why it began to fall. A lot of friends over the years have speculated that it may have been due to the complexity of the game rising - with newer karts that deemed the others useless - and the cubing,tuning etc. systems that attempted to bring a sense of strategy to the game.

I believe the best thing that could happen is that another company picks up on KartRider's strengths and creates a brand new game. There's obviously still potential in a racing game like KartRider when they have consistently had tournaments through its' peaks and lows (20 main tourneys+many more lower tier ones so far). Plus, with how they've incorporated item mode into the tournament structure, it has only done good things for the scene. I actually believe if they had taken item tournaments more seriously before then it would be a tad more popular than it is now.

But anyways, the bottom line is that there is a void right now in e-sports. There has never been a popular racing e-sport that has been embraced globally. KartRider - with old leagues in China & Taiwan - has come the closest. And even though it never took off like it was supposed to, there is a legitimate structure behind KartRider as an e-sport. Korea, China, & Taiwan have legitimate superstars - KR's MHJ,YYH,& JDW; Taiwan's Noah&Owen; China's SSS,Lintao,etc. - that no other racing games have ever had. The final Ace match of the tourney that concluded three days ago should prove that there is a lingering presence waiting to be burst worldwide within a racing e-sport. (YYH vs. MHJ Finals; with 10k views in 3 days for a "dead" game!)

Mark my words. A racing game like KartRider will someday ride the waves KartRider did but not make the mistakes Nexon made. That game will be a huge e-sport with both speed & item tournaments for both hardcore & casual gamers that want to compete.

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