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You're absolutely correct on most of your points except "Nexon would straight-up lie about bringing the game back if it were really because of the beta's supposed "low numbers."

They WOULD lie straight to your face. That's the perk of being in a huge company.

Also let me preface by saying this is all pure speculation but this has been the trend with a lot of Korean companies. KKR had been in a rapid decline in Korea by the time the game was in beta test here in NAKR. The peak for KKR was between 2004 to 2007/08. Game companies know that after once they reached their peak their next attempt is to hoard money from the players. Look at NtreevSoft Pangya, Maplestory, Talesweaver and that one tennis game.

A lot of people on other forums were saying it's the infrastructure of America and that it doesn't support T3 speed internet. Look at China, Russia and other countries that are as big as America. It isn't the infrastructure, they just didn't see it as a profitable market.

Originally Posted by Nova View Post
Well, that theory is flawed because Nexon simply didn't give the beta any updates or anything. It's like, a musician who releases an album that gets popular but then three years later (after making no new music), the artist complains that they're not hot anymore . Well...duh, you haven't released anything new.

I really doubt Nexon would straight-up lie about bringing the game back if it were really because of the beta's supposed "low numbers". Plus, even if the numbers were low after a while - because anybody who played back then knows the numbers weren't low in the beginning phases of the beta - it was entirely Nexon's fault for not updating or going through with their process of the game. It would be like Riot opening LoL but never releasing new champions or patching the game at all. This is the same company that lets their flagship game, Maplestory, drown to hackers for months before even addressing the issue.

That's pretty much why the argument over "didn't garner enough attention" doesn't really have anything to stand on.
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