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Originally Posted by Kinsume View Post
So I just happened to hear someone mention Kart Rider randomly after not having messed with the game in several years, came on here and I see that there is a project going to try and translate the game for a US version that isn't that stupid facebook app. Pretty hyped to see that this is being worked on, have nothing but fond memories of the old US Kart Rider beta and am looking forward to playing again.

I tried downloading this beta to check it out but it wouldn't connect to the server. If its an easy fix then I'd be more than happy to help bug test and what-not in the beta, I know a few friends of mine will be interested in checking the game out as well. If not then I'll wait for future releases of it. Just wanted to post and say kudos to the team working on getting this up and running.
I think they're still working on keeping it stable, less buggy and more translated.
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