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Default [Showcase] KartRider Private Server

Hello everyone.

My name is Fraysa. I've been developing in the .NET Framework for a few years, and been around the MapleStory development scene about since then. I, myself, was a true fan of KartRider. I played the beta back then in 2007-8 with my friends, it was the best time of my life. It was always my dream to create an emulator for it in my favorite language, C#.

A few weeks ago I wanted to get back to it (once again) and attempt to create an emulator for it. A good friend of mine, csproj, also started working on the same project so we joined together. Diamondo25, a good friend of ours, also came to help. After a few days of work, we cracked the client's encryption and learned about how packets work in KartRider.

Today, I'm more than proud to show you our progress.


NOTE: Please remember that this is a work in progress, so a lot of things are unimplemented. When we are satisfied with the content, we will let a select group of people join for a beta test server. Once that is over, we'll open it publicly (but still, for a set group of people). That's because we want to slowly increase our players' capacity to avoid lawsuits from Nexon or what not.

I will continue to update through this thread.

For any suggestions, rants, whatever... here.

Thanks for reading!
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