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Game updates for August 8th, 2012
Custom Mode: play with other players instead of just your friends
Quick Join - join rooms made by other players
Choose Room - choose from a list of player-created rooms by clicking on the room
Create Room - create a room and invite friends (Facebook request message will be sent)

Custom Mode: lobby features
Room Master selects track
Room Master has kick ability
Player who wins race becomes Room Master

New Items added to Shop
Level 3 Kart Bodies added
Level 3 Kart Engines added
Character and Number Plate packages added

Shield Item functionality change
Player will be able to use as many Shield items that are available to them during a single race (number of Shields remaining will be displayed)
Different Shields need to be equipped for each slot

Additional changes:
Quick Start mode change: Team mode option removed, only Single mode available for both Item and Speed mode
Quick Start mode change: If there are less than 8 players in a room, the race will start as-is (no bots added)
Custom mode fuel consumption: fuel is deducted from all players (not just Room Master) at the start of each race; if any player(s) don't have fuel, the race will not start
Fuel Gauge change: Fuel will now display as a gauge. Players have a max fuel of 30; 5 fuel is consumed per race
Fuel recharge rate: Player receives 1 Fuel every two minutes
Item prices: Prices of items in the Shop have changed
Item removal: Level 1 Kart Bodies and Engines removed from Shop
Player name display: Only the player's first name will be displayed
Decoration equip interface added: found in Garage menu, only name plates currently available
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