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Originally Posted by edyk3 View Post
I tryed to post this in a new thread but it said I didn't have permision so i'll post it in here looks like the facebook kartrider is making changes unlimited fuel only for one day I personaly don't play it hardly cause of the fuel thing but here are the updated copy and paste

Game updates for August 8th, 2012

by KartRider Dash Community on Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at 9:02pm

Custom Mode: play with other players instead of just your friends
  • Quick Join - join rooms made by other players
  • Choose Room - choose from a list of player-created rooms by clicking on the room
  • Create Room - create a room and invite friends (Facebook request message will be sent)
Custom Mode: lobby features
  • Room Master selects track
  • Room Master has kick ability
  • Player who wins race becomes Room Master
New Items added to Shop
  • Level 3 Kart Bodies added
  • Level 3 Kart Engines added
  • Character and Number Plate packages added
Shield Item functionality change
  • Player will be able to use as many Shield items that are available to them during a single race (number of Shields remaining will be displayed)
  • Different Shields need to be equipped for each slot
Additional changes:
  • Quick Start mode change: Team mode option removed, only Single mode available for both Item and Speed mode
  • Quick Start mode change: If there are less than 8 players in a room, the race will start as-is
  • Custom mode fuel consumption: fuel is deducted from all players (not just Room Master) at the start of each race; if any player(s) don't have fuel, the race will not start
  • Fuel Gauge change: Fuel will now display as a gauge. Players have a max fuel of 30; 5 fuel is consumed per race
  • Fuel recharge rate: Player receives 1 Fuel every two minutes
  • Item prices: Prices of items in the Shop have changed
  • Item removal: Level 1 Kart Bodies and Engines removed from Shop
  • Player name display: Only the player's first name will be displayed
  • Decoration equip interface added: found in Garage menu, only name plates currently available
Yap yap, playing for next 20h kk gimme dat Burst G3 cuz everythin else is cash, and dat C4 engine cus everything else is cash...
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