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This email is pertaining to the question you submitted for KartRider Dash:

Date Created - 5/15/2012 12:48 PM PDT
Summary - Is there any chance of a full PC client?

Details - I personally would find such a game far more enjoyable. Would be quite a bit more willing to pay to play the full game myself then any "social" games on facebook. Thank you.


Your question has been addressed by one of our Game Masters. Please see their response below:

Thank you for contacting Customer Support. I understand that you would like to see the game in a full client and you be more willing to play a Full Client than social gaming via Facebook. At this time I have forwarded your comment to the proper development department for review.

Please be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook fanpage for updates and/or changes regarding KartRider Dash.

Thank you for your comments. have a great day.


GM Diatia
Nexon America, Inc.
not sure how to feel about that
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