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Originally Posted by aa463141997 View Post
i'm chinese,i have played the popkart for 5 years。。

you have to buy enough the popkart cash。。

saber 6.5 is a out of style kart。。

Do you know Dark knight Z7(Chinese name:黑骑士 Z7)?

it is a strongest car。。but now,it has not been sold。。

i recommend you to buy writer Z7(Chinese name:魔怪 Z7)。。

you must prepare 510 game cash(Equal to ¥51)

And i also agree The third floor
Look less professional post, a English forum with strong Chinese post style. First, so many Chinese punctuation mark, with a wrong translation. Since you post this replay, you should konw what is a "writer", and what is "魔怪". "魔怪" means monster or mononoke. There isn't any relationship between theme, How can it be translated like this? I am also Chinese, but I think I should not translate something I don't know rather than translate it at random.
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