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We always knew there was a big audience that’s been waiting. People are very excited about the game. I still get monthly e-mails about, like, “When are you bringing KartRider back?” But we decided KartRider really owes a lot of its success to the social environment that PC cafes create for you, in Asia generally, getting to play with your friends and trash-talk each other. We noticed that Facebook might create a virtual environment like that, where you can race against your friends and race against other people. So we decided to put it on Facebook and see how it goes.
.... One of the reasons why we postponed launching KartRider here as a client game was, we were considering the download as a big barrier for such a casual game. It’s a pretty substantial download for a racing game, and we wanted to make sure people are familiar with an experience before they’re asked to go ahead and do this.
Interesting interview.. but I still hate this guy.

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