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In PK there are:
3 different speeds, S1/S2/S3.
5 Different channels with helms on them, ✭/✭✭/✭✭✭/✭✭✭✭/Free Mode.

The channels have nothing to do with speed, it's just to do with your level. For e.g. if you have higher than rainbow gloves you cannot join ✭/✭✭/✭✭✭. But all speeds are available in other different channels, S1 been the beginner speed, S2 is the old PK L3 and finally S3 is actually the old PK speed L2/L1 in between them. Free mode is accessible to all players and it has a default speed of S2.

For KKR, it was the same about few weeks ago when they updated the system again. It's just missing the different channels which you need the specified level to access, now it's just the different speeds.

I think it's a better system in KKR because if a item player were to play speed, but they're a higher level and cannot access the lower rank section, it's a pain to deal with those "pros" in 4 star helm section. But then again, most good players would play in the lower speed section S1/S2 anyway, if they can join it

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