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Thunder is a Chinese program for downloading, it's suppose to speed up the download, and also like a download manager. It can also be used to download torrents.

I suggest you use it as it would improve the speed a lot. I'll post a guide on it for you.

Download this first(just click on the green download and it should start):

After that, install the program as you would, and when you see boxes with ticks in the installer just uncheck them.

Now, go to the PK site and at the bottom should be the download, you can see the file size that's 616MB, and the bottom of that offers you few download options, choose the 3rd one and right click on it.

The menu should have some Chinese characters on it at near bottom, choose the first option and a window would pop. Just press enter and it should be downloading the client now.

Hope that helped, any problems post it here :)

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