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I was aware of kart extreme forums for years now, i dont know if they're same admins or mods or whatever the case is. i want to let people know that kart rider is NOT dead & there is loop holes in the system that we can manipulate. a lot of things been poppin off lately between nexon & tiancity & korean, they really tightened up on their programs.

soo one of my close internet friends (kartrider & maple story private servers)
got in some serious trouble playing around with them chinese kssn numbers,
(turns out he used someone else, & long story).
since it was only some nonsensical harmless situation,
he got off with a scratch on the risk (couple hundred dollar fines for fraudulence of identity & that stuff).. Thing is, he is not the only one getting in trouble,
other people innocent people like you & me, who dont even understand or care about those things just want to play a game that has been ROBBED from us.

THEN they release the kart rider english for the ipad iphone? (Booooo!)
i am not an ipad iphone type of guy, i stick to my pc's.

I used to play nakr (obviously) they got cancelled for decades & centuries literally.. i switched to korean kart rider (WHEN IT WAS EASIER TO SIGN UP)
thanks to the registration guide on this website. yall remember the nexon plugin right? the blue little handy dandy thing that pops up... that no longer worked 4-5 months after i downloaded. that was dead..

then i went for popkart, total disaster, i understood nothing, like everything was "different"
even the little training modes, i didnt feel @ home, & like 85-95% of the ppl there spoke 100% chinese (as seen off my computer)
& the ones who spoke english stopped playing idk why.

is this forum still active?
No one ever understands ...
i swear people are seeing some crazy mirage that has everyone THINKING things are this way,
when it is really "THAT" way...
what if i see life for what it really is? my head hurts

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