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Being a Thai guy myself FYI:

Originally Posted by edyk3 View Post
At least they had it longer than North America had it NA Nexon didn't even give it a chance and promised to bring it back it all comes down to $$$$ Free to play pay to keep open...

Quote:The question that everyone asks me is that 1. Why not renew per
the contract, it can not renew it this is new money from the players was not around to renew.
Like the OP stated, it will be shutted down on 11/30.
To answer your question: I'd say that they will NEVER renew the contract.
Why? just like NAKR. You know, ThKR has been half-dead for a long time.
Due to lack of good updates, people lost interest and quitted. That means
the company running it doesn't get such profit.

BTW, I'm glad that OP's friend didn't buy a year kart.
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