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Post Veyron Z7 is Here with Bonus Event!!

The Veyron Z7 is here! Smooth, streamlined shape with extra "modifications" has been pumped into this new Veyron.

Innovative design of the inlet can change the vehicle at high speeds caused by the wind, so that the wind speed and direction around the body at all times in a fixed state, and ultimately to change the external factors on the impact of the vehicle. Z7 times Veyron has a more powerful engine, the natural system, for a change of wind direction will make the engine Veyron Z7 maintain a certain temperature below the line, this also allows the Veyron to break the theoretical limit.

Every driver can now experience the power of the Veyron Z7, it will be in the shop with various bundles until August 25th.

- Veyron Z7 (Unlimited Time Limit)
- Dragon License Plate (1 year Limit)
- Blizzard Glare (30 days)

Special packs will also include "Modified cubes", "Particle Activator S" and "Reset Wrenches".
During the event, players will receive Heat Ballons and 3 Day Double Exp Cards.

From August 11th to August 24th, the Veyron Racing GP Race will be in session. Before the event ends, you will need to earn 2220 GP to be able to apply upgrades towards the Veyron Z7. The more upgrades you apply, eventually it will transform into a "Dragon Z7 GT"


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