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Default Hello! I'm Korean but I live in Canada ^^

Hello, everyone!
I'm glad to be joined in this site!
I'm Korean but I live in Canada (AB).
(My family is trying to get "permanent resisters"<< is this word right?)
I've been in Canada for 3 years, so my English skills might be lacked little...
and also I've been played Korean KartRider for 6 years :)
and I also play BubbleFighter (just for 1 year now).

I was surprised that there are people who still love KartRider in the US (or more countries) and they are playing Korean or Chinese KartRider, even they don't know the languages! 0_0
So I thought, "maybe I can help them to understand the story of KR and what's going on in KR and at least for translating".
If you have any questions about Korean translating
I'll do my best to translate & make you understand well.
(* I can only translate Korean, not Chinese.)
and I might tell the story of SCINARIO in Korean KR,
so that people who want to know what are characters talking about in the scinario.
I hope that I can do well and enjoy this forum :)

(I actually resisted about yeasterday midnight,
but it was pretty late time and I was tired
so I say hello to everyone now ^^)
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